Pets post Tx

Hi all,

Hoping you are keeping safe and healthy. 

Today, wanted to check with you on a topic close to my heart. I have always had a strong personal bonding with our loyal companions, dogs. Unfortunately by the time i could come to making a decision to have one of my own, life had other plans. Now post 1yr into the tx, my daughter who shares my love for them, keeps talking about having a pet dog. I'm confused if it's something that is ok for us. I did some online reading and couldn't get a consistent view.  Wanted to check with the community about your experience on this. Any Do's and Don'ts from people who have pets at home.

Thanks in advance.


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  • Thanks everyone for the inputs and the positive words of encouragement 🙂

  • I am 18 years post transplant and have had a dog every day of the 18 years. I would not and could not imagine being without my best friend.

    • It's just not a home without a pet? Is it. I've had a continuous string of fur-babies since about 1967. :-)

  • I'm 18 years post tx and dogs and cats have been a part of my life that entire time. Simply follow proper hygeine protocols. Mask if cleaning litter, and a lot of hand washing.

  • Hi sumit

    i had a dog when I had my transplant and had him after my transplant also for 11 yrs never I had any problem. 

    Just be sure to wash hands that’s all they never cause any infections I wa she one doing his grooming taking him to vets everything no issues at all,

    i think you can totally hav eone.

  • I'm 4 years post transplant. Had a dog all that time.  I had no problems. I used to use gloves when picking up pop and then washing my hands after. 

  • I have two cats - have had since transplant and before.  My doctor is OK with it. I will be 13 years in October.

  • Anything added to our environment can be a challenge - BUT you cannot stop living your life and a responsible decision regarding a pet seems very valid.

    I am selective on animals - and people - I interact with but nothing people would notice. When I move I will be adding a dog to my life as I find it an acceptable risk versus reward - not even sure it is a risk.

    I interact with animals daily, that are not mine but know them.

    DO what makes you comfortable.  This would be very comfortable for me.  If it is not then you need to wait.

    I am 5 years in now.


    Best of luck.

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