Planning to do Masters in abroad

Hello everyone 

I'm Nuthan,how all are you doing,hope everyone good.Its been 4years of my kidney transplantation,so for everything is going fine.

So I'm planning  to do master from Australia,i have so many queries.

My queries are:

1.Is is possible to Migrate from India to Australia.

2.How can I manage my medicine(tablets) and checkups,so far I taking only 4types of tables1.Mycofit. 2.Takfa(tacrolimuss)  3.Omnacorti(prednisolone) 4.Pantoprozale(pan).The main thing is timezone difference between India and Australia.

3.Can I get same type of medicine in Australia or how can get medicine(Tablets)from India. 

4.The masters I'm planning to do is for 2years.

I have not Discussed with my doctor,before that I need some information from your side...


Please give some suggestions Or  thoughts,it helps me plan in better way.

Is anyone from India who had transplant and travelled to other countries can give your  suggestions.Please

Thank you 

I will be waiting for your replies.


Please Reply.please



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  • Wonderful news, Nuthan! I wish you have great success in your studies. Know that the rules in Australia are quite stringent, as noted recently with the news surrounding the Australian Tennis Championship. Please do have a conversation with your Tx team, who may be helpful in securing oversight, medication procurement, and other factors, "Down Under." The Board of Travel in Australia may also be of assistance. Again, I wish you great success, going forward.

    US Department of State - Australia Alert

    Australia Travel Advisory
    • Thanks kidneyboy for your reply, yes i will discuss same thing with my doctor before planning.It all Depends  on my Doc. 


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