• I have been through plasmapherisis post-Tx when I recieved my second Tx. Antibodies showed up shortly after surgery and after a few IV treatments, things settled down. 

    Dealing with the stresses that come with having my mortality threatened took a little longer. This is not an easy road we all travel and my only advice for dealing with it is to concentrate only on what you have control over and focus on those things in your life that bring you true joy. For me, that was my memories of my two young sons and our adventures together. Though not easy to do with all the poking and prodding I endure during numerous hospital stays, it was a very effective tool.

    It is my sincerest hope that your issues subside and you are able to resume a life in good health. Perhaps you will make new memories that will get you past any subsequent "bumps" in the road ahead.

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