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Hi, I am on dialysis and have noticed a little bit of hairloss. My hair used to be very thick now it's really thin and every time I brush a pile comes out. I'm a liver recipient (5 years now) and I'm on prograf 3 miligrams twice a day. I'm also on prednisone 5 miligrams once daily. What could be causing it? and how can I stop my hair from falling?

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  • Sweetie it happens as long as your on Prograf. I have been on it for 3 years and my hair is thin and falls out in clumps. Can try collagen and I use a recipe I got on here that uses vitamin E, castor oil, and aloe gel. Also you can try thickening shampoo and conditioner. I have wigs for when it just gets to thin. Plus wigs can be fun. Hugs I know how hard it is on me to loose my hair. 


    2 tablesspoon castor oil

    1 vitamin capsule

    1 tablespoon aloe gel

    Mix together and dab on scalp. You can use fingers, cotton ball, or hair color brush. 

    Do once a week and leave on 2 to 3 hours and use a clarifying shampoo. 

  • I thought prograf only caused hair loss during the first years of transplantation. I will have to go get labs and see what my blood level is. Thank you so much for replying. 

    • Be aware that if you are taking Prograf (tacrolimus) orally, in the first few hours after ingestion, blood levels spike, drifting down through the 12-hour cycle. It is these spikes that I believe, damage the hair follicles causing thinning and loss. This is less evident with formulations like Astagraf XL (time-released) tacrolimus, which is not for everyone.

  • I am sorry you are having to deal with this issue, at this time. Yessenia. Usually, this is a side effect of Prograf (tacrolimus.) Keep an eye on your blood level and ask what could be causing a spike that would account for hair loss. 

    Adding 5000un of Biotin to your medication regime may stem the tide. Also using Keratin-based hair products, as well.

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