Please, help me!

Hi, I had labs last Tuesday and my C02 level is 17

is it too low?? What can I do other than take sodium bicarbonate and eat greens

to raise my C02 Level? I'm not very comfortable with this result.

I'm also scared some people say high C02 levels indicate kidney disease which often leads to kidney failure



Thank you!!!

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  • Dear Yessenia,

    This is just one test result! Please do not try and manage every one of your lab numbers on the basis of one result. If you spend your days looking for signs of kidney failure, eventually you will find it, in a decade, or two, or three and you run the risk of missing this wonderful second chance at life, that you have worked so hard for. Wait for the next blood draw and talk to your Tx nephrologist about it. Stay Well!

  • How are you now ???

    • Wow, this was three years ago! and now it's when you are replying lol. Unfortunately, I lost the kidney more than a year ago. To be honest, the kidney was never good to me from the moment they put it in. My antibodies were extremely high, so there was always a high chance my body woud reject it. I didn't really enjoyed it. I spent those two years going in and out of the hospital, mostly at the ER. My doctors decided to still give me the kidney because I had been eleven years on dialysis... Yep, eleven years!! I don't know how I did it, I don't know how I still do it. I'm back on dialysis and on the waiting list for a third kidney transplant. Thankfully, my liver is doing amazing. I just turned four years in August. I'm looking forward to a new kidney! I really hope IVIG can lower my antibodies so I can be able to get a new kidney without worrying about it being rejected. I'm staying strong and happy! Thanks for asking about me:) 

      • I  Do hope and pray you to receive another Tx. I am sorry you have had to endure all that you have. Have your IVIG treatments knocked down your antibody levels?


        • Thank you! And I have been receiving IVIG for as long as I can remember, maybe since 2015. It does help but the problem is when it is stopped even for a short amount of time the antibodies go up again. I have alsk received plasmapheresis. I'm just hoping for the best. I am staying strong and optimistic. I do believe things happen for a reason. ☺️ 

      • Good to hear that your staying strong. I spent 12 years on dialysis by ( choice ) !.   Transplant going well Now after 7 years Thank God !!!!

        I converted to a Full Vegetarian, and extremely strict diet, lifestyle, etc...  It's a sacrifice.   Be strong , 🙏 and give it to God .

        • Thanks ☺️ I'm happy to hear your kidney is doing well after 7 years, that is a blessing 🙏 very good dialysis is not easy gets tiring, but at least it keeps us alive!!!

      • Great to hear you are still "around"! You seem to have been through very much and I hope you get your next kidney soon. I guess the waiting list time depends on which area of the country you are from.

        I am just on 3 years with my liver transplant. I was very fortunate to not need to wait for very long after being listed.

        • Thank you! 😊 I'm in Miami. I just turned four years with my liver transplant. Amazing!! It is a blessing. Cheers my friend and thank you again. 

    • Wouldn't that be hard to tell as it seems to have been posted nearly three years ago? (November 30, 2018)

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