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I was multilisted at 4 transplant centers. I am 14 months post transplant, zero issues since transplant, donor kidney was a 100% match. I was transplanted at a center that is 5 hours from my current home and commuted to the transplant center for follow up for a year. I am now seeing the nephrologist that originally referred me' however he is a one man practice, there are 2 transplant centers where I am living. I want to get established as a patient at one of the local centers as a local backup for my current neph.I am also resuming my RV travels 9+ months a year and having my labs done locally whoever I happen to be. The results are sent to my local neph who reviews and forwards copies to the transplant center.Anyone else who was transplanted 'out of town' who can share their experience would be appreciated.

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  • I had my transplant in a different time zone (one hour west of me) in a different country (I'm Canadian). I've seen my tx center roughly yearly for a check in. I get my labs done locally through my local neph (who has been my neph for over 20 years including pre-dialysis, dialysis, and now post-tx). he takes care of pretty much everything except deciding my dose of anti-rejection meds. But he is amazingly cooperative and simply writes my scripts and books me appointments for whatever I need (like currently I am needing some iron IVs). His secretary forwards me my labs, and then I forward them to my transplant center.

    Basically, I'm super happy because all parties treat me with respect, allow me my independence and pretty much always respond positively to any requests I have (I do ask politely). I'm always kept in the loop and I like the control.

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