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Hi Everybody,

For those of you that have had your transplants for awhile, I am wondering what you creatinine levels are? I was just transplanted 4 weeks ago and the lowest that mine has gotten is 1.76 and every time that they increase my prograf the creatinine goes up. The transplant clinic is saying that my creatinine needs to be below 1.5. I have asked what happens if it doesn't get there and they said that maybe it would indicate that the new kidney has an issue. I thought that 1.76 was great because my creatinine was 11.7 pre transplant. If you have had your transplant for many years do you remember what it started at and how is it now? Thanks for your input.

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  • I got my transplant in february 2017 My creatinine level has stayed in the 2. to 2.7. Both of my doctors at OSU and local have said not to worry since it is staying fairly level . I dis have a incident where it went to 13.3, I had gotten close to a kid that had the flu and I had a reaction with my Immune suppression drugs. The hosiptal did an emergency dialysis and 5 days later I left the hospital.

  • I am only a year out but mine dropped under 1 right away and stays no higher than .75. Read about your meds bc some of them can raise your level and what your eating too. I hope you get it straightened out soon. 

  • Thank you for your support. M so happy to sign up with you. Thus makes me relax. God bless and be safe

  • Thank you for this forum the comments on others similar experiences helps me be calm.

  • Hello, I am  6 months with new kidney June18 of 2020, my creatinine was 1.21,1.22 now it's 1.31 I'm freaking out too, I hear from my dr Wednesday. I probably need to drink more and it's been hot , cut back on meat carbs drink more water and veggies n fruit!?

    • Hi Joanne,

      Take a deep breath, Creatinine blood levels fluctuate frequently, especially in summer, when it is hot! The list of causes goes, in order of probability, inadequate hydration, medication, illness/infection, diet (including sodium intake, exercise, trailing on down to rejection, plus a few more I may have omitted. There IS no normal level, only averages, as Every Tx is as Unique as is the Recipient. Post-op (in-patient) levels usually are lower because everything is controlled (fluids, diet, ....) Tx teams look over numerous results to identify trends (steadily rising,) instead of one result, as a sign of an issue beginning. 

      As for your level, at this time, it will likely drift back down with increased fluid intake and limiting sodium (especially in the week before a blood draw.) In addition, a move of .10 is not huge and well within the range of one of the easily remedied causes. A good rule to follow is; If your Tx team is not ''freaking out,'' neither should you. Exhale now. Good luck!

  • I had my transplant in August 2014. I had a creatinine check this month. It was 0.63


  • I am before  2 month transplant ....... Drink 150ml of water per hour and avoid meat .this will be normal in one week 

  • My creatinine levels run anywhere from 0.5 - 0.9. I had my transplant 9 years ago. I know that drinking or eating grapefruit juice will make your levels go up. I hope you get this right.

  • I am kidney transplantation 3.5 month complete. But my creatinine level not stable.morning time at 07am 08am time creatinine 1.5 to 1.7.but afternoon or evening time creatinine slightly go up 1.9 to 2.1.what is matter I don't know. I drinking water 4.5 to 5 litter water per day and urine output 6.5 to 7 litter. Please suggest me how can i control my creatinine level...

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