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Post Kidney Transplant Proteinuria


My husband is almost 6 years post kidney transplant. His urine creatinine/protein ratio has been creeping up ever since even though his creatinine is good. For example, a year ago his urine creatinine/protein ratio was 1000, six months ago it was 2000 and now it is 4500. His creatinine is still 1.1. Has anyone else experienced this? He will be completing a 24-hour urine and the doctor said he may need a biopsy depending on whether or not the protein is better. He also started him on lisinopril. I'm not really sure if that is supposed to lower it or not. Any thoughts?

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  • My protein levels have been up and down since transplant. My docs have never checked my ratio so I have no idea if mine has been stable or if it's been fluctuating wildly (the way my creatinine does). On the plus side, I"m15 years out with no rejections (knock on wood).

    My suggestion is to try to not get too obsessed about the numbers and simply work on taking care of yourself (good food/sleep/exercise) and how you feel. Doing the best you can is all you can do and worrying a lot about calculated numbers won't really help you. imho

  • I would only be guessing with regard to the protein levels, though this is common in kidney Tx recipients. I will attest to Lisinopril and other ACE inhibitor blood pressure medicines having a protective quality for the kidneys.  Often this med is prescribed more for this reason, more than for blood pressure control.

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