Post Heart Transplant progress

I have to ask, do most folks feel at all better right after a heart xplant?

I understand the surgery is rough on you, and the drugs are nasty, but did you feel like all of a sudden you have a heart that actually does its job, and you could do more than you had been doing?

I'm looking for some good news here.

Tim (not quite on the list yet)

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  • yes yyou feel a whole lot better because you get better blood flow .And everything starts working right.

  • Just heard today that I'll be "presented" for listing in 2 weeks, and three's no reason anyone can see that I won't be listed.

    Still a tense time, and I'm going in as a 2, so there'll be more waiting after that. A couple of years, probably.

    •  Hey Tim , Glad to hear your going to get listed, Just because you will be listed at   2-A   I am guessing dosent neccessarily mean that your wait will be a long one, a lot of factors will be in place,  someone with   1-A   status could get over looked do to  blood and tissue type, height and weight  etc:  getting listed is the challange, granted you could also have a long weight, Just stay positive, do everything you can to stay with in the weight requirements thats your tx cntr will want you at, try and stay as healthy as you can ,  and hopefully your miracle comes sooner then expected !! 

  • Hello tim, 

    15month post heart transplant .d /c Home after a week.instantly I felt the difference despite the pain /discomfort from surgery. 

  • I was weaned from the ventilator immediately in the recovery room, where I was then given my "reward".....a sippy-cup containing "Henry's" an Oregon beer.  I had trouble sleeping on my left side, that thump-thump I was hearing kept me awake...the beat of a strong heart that I had missed for almost a year.  I lived just up the hill from OHSU, so I walked to and fro to the various clinics........what a joy!!

    I have, since then, hiked into the Rogue River Gorge, resumed my position at shortstop on my softball team, take my daughter camping at East Lake, and gone salmon fishing off the coast. 

    This has all taken place in the last 25 years, as a matter of fact, May is my 25th anniversary........


    • Congratulations, Larry. You're a genuine success story, and I feel good just hearing your experiences. Which doctors did you work with at OHSU? I've met Dr Gelot and just yesterday, Dr Mudd. Both are great folks.

      • My surgeon was a Turkish chap.......Dr. Colongulu, or some such tell the truth, it was so long ago. I can't remember the other docs.  Most of my care, including biopsies, was done at the VA Medical Center.

        • I can't wait til today's troubles are 25 years ago and I've forgotten the names of the participants.

          I'll only be 90 at that point, so it should be easy.

  • Welcome Tim! Stick around because there are many positive heart transplant stories and members to tell the tale. Just give it time before they pop up to say hello.

  •  Hey Tim, I am just about 3 yrs post heart, I knew when I woke that there was a difference, but I was weak, but I was determined to do things myself, I live in Central NY but tx at the Cleveland Clinic in Ohio and they had me up standing on day 2, day 3  I was taking a couple steps along side the bed, mainly due to the the chest tubes I had in me still, but Yes I felt that there was a big difference and I was going to be ok again even though I felt like I was hit by a bus { lol }  by day 5 I was walking long hallways and gathering strength daily, day 6 I was chest tube free and actually in the Clinics exercise room on a treadmill and seat bike,  After 6 months I was playing golf and actually trying to Bowl again.         My oppinnion the stronger you can keep yourself  I think the better you will come through all of this,  I am not suggesting lifting weights and such,  Just simple  walking can be enough .  hope this helps ! 

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