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Hello I am just over 2 weeks post liver transplant. I’m having extreme back pain for the obvious reasons but it’s also due to the fact that I have large breasts and can’t wear a bra right now. Ive been searching online for days for a post surgical bra  that will not rub against staples for my Mercedes-Benz incision. I can only find bras for breast surgery. Does anyone have a suggestion? Back pain aside it’s getting colder and I will have lots of appointments coming up and going to them bra-less,  which I will certainly do it that is my only option , isn’t ideal. Thanks in advance ... weird that’s what I’m focusing on I know. 

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  • I had a liver transplant in  July of this year and also had some of the same issues.  I found that actually  wearing a bra that was very supportive with  firm straps that kept the breasts off of the staples was best. I actually ordered new ones from the Breezies line on QVC. I cannot tolerate underwires or stays so I ordered soft ones with firm straps and that worked. I had problems  with healing and had staples in for 6 weeks. Hope this helps.  

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