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Hello all I am 44 days away from a live donor transplant kidney transplant. I am wondering if there is anything that I should do it to prepare my environment for the strength. My husband will be home with me for as long as necessary after the transplant so I don't need as much help in that respect oh, I'm more concerned with what types of things should I do with my bedroom, where I'll be recovering. Also my husband and I will be on a 9-hour flight two weeks prior to the transplant. And then a 9-hour flight back home. Would it be silly for me to wear a mask on the flights to avoid the flu oh, I've been lucky so far. And what about when I come back to work? I work as a parish administrator any busy and large Catholic Church. I talk to people all day long who come in to visit the priest do paperwork, all sorts of things. So I have a lot of public contact. Would it be reasonable or helpful for me to have a large bottle of hand sanitizer right outside of the window and ask people to use that before handing me anything? Or am I just being ridiculous? My dad had a transplant and 1984 and lived until 1993. The 10 years between the transplant and his death were filled with chronic rejection weird fungal infections and other sicknesses. I know that that was a long time ago, but I want to stay as healthy as I possibly can and I'm open to any suggestions to help me stay as healthy pre and post transplant. Thank you! 

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  • Hand sanitizer was always in my life as I called on Oncology offices (patients on chemo) so if it is not part of your life now it should be.  Not crazy.  Diligent.  Hand washing is really the basic starting point.  

    I would invest in a mask for your flight - the data on mask effectiveness is mixed but mask versus no mask.  You want to be as healthy as possible.  Start your nutrition now.  Everything should feed your body - hopefully you find a good nutritionist.

    I would suggest, please take this as advice from someone who did not do this - post Tx is nice to think about and prepare for, but focus on the prep for the surgery and immediately after.  Once you have a better idea of how you feel and what your needs are then focus on what to do at work or wherever.  

    I would suggest speaking with the clergy about your situation - for many reasons of course.  At my old church (I relocated) they mentioned my wonderful life saving transplant.  And my Catholic Priest mentioned in Mass that I would not be annointing the sick due to my new low germ life - That was the joke at least.  

    A sign or a button.  Mentioning in the bulletin.  The people closest to you may be the biggest challenge.  They think they get it but as time goes by so do the proper habits.  That includes illness but also food safety.  

  • Stay away from children.  They are germy.

  • Hi Kelly,

    The best advice I received before getting my first kidney Tx was "Remember to breathe every now and then during the first month after getting a Tx."  You are wise to prepare for life with a Tx, and it is true that early on, your doses of immunosuppression meds will be high, making you more susceptible to contracting viruses and infection, however, your immune system is going to be suppressed, not eliminated. 

    All one can be expected to do is, limit your exposure to sources of illness or infection (crowded places,  people with an illness, and other sources of viruses and illness.)  Keeping a bottle of handwash with you is good, asking others to use it might be too much. You will learn the good routines that work for you to insulate from the risks.  it is a balance between safety and living life and you should always err on the side of caution.  Your Tx team can advise you on risks specific to your living conditions, that's part of why they are there for you. Your experience will surely be different from anyone else including members here, and that of your dear departed dad.

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