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    • I have taken both - I take neither currently as I adjust to see if benefit.  Pre vs Pro would seem to have no interaction with our meds so the choice would be yours based on recommendation and research.

      Pre = will benefit what you have already in the gut nor does it get digested.   Easy to use as you can just sprinkle it on.

      Pro= addition of bacteria that competes with all the other things in your guy.

      Non professional = both appear safe.  Both are for different reasons.  Which one will benefit you would be based on what is in your gut already.  If docs cannot recommend one vs other then you go to trial.  I trial meds then go off for a month, need data to decide.  

      Tx docs always the final resource - I am not aware of what interaction are possible based on my research.  Neither has ade me feel worse.  Not sure if better or not.

      I am hovering - until pushed.  Zero appetite and genral nausea - has not changed by either one or none of it for me.

      Good luck.

  •  Hey guys, if you’re going to take probiotics, find a probiotic that has as many different strains as possible, in each capsule. Probably in the refrigeration section Will be the your best options. Most yogurts carry very little probiotics and they have sugar so that kind undoes what you are trying to accomplish, especially if it’s been pasteurized. Since it’s not the best idea for us to have unpasteurized foods, it leaves us with buying probiotics in capsules. I believe we all should be on them and especially those post transplant.

  • Sometimes I do! My primary source of probiotic is yogurt

  • I sometimes do.......I did as the gut gets a little rough - then went off and found not much difference, for me.

    I do eat yogurt.  For me GI has been tough ever since Tx.

    Good luck.

  • My infectious doctor prescribed probiotics for me many years ago. It works for me. I take it everyday.

    takf care. 

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