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  • Yes. I have gained weight from taking Prednisone, I only take it once a day as well. But that is a side effect from the medication. That is the only side effect I have from the medication. I seen people on here talk about moon face insomnia. I have been taking Prednisone for 9 years. I hope this answered some of your question.

  • I took 5 mg/day for 4-years with no moon face.  I did gain weight, but I don't exercise enough.  Remember that everybody reacts differently and you may have no side effects at all.  I suspect that in a few years they will take you off the Pred.  

  • Hello yessina.

    Are you only on pred? or you also take PROGRAFF AND MYFORTIC? 

     Yes unfortunately those drugs caused me  weight gain and moon face and insomia and very tiredness some time I am still awake at 4 am after going to bed at 12 midnight,

    my doctor recomended me to take sircadin but have not tried yet as I alredy take so many pills/

    I was told also not to take all the pills for diffrent treatment at the same time, any one was told that?

    wish you well.

    • Hi Dew, no I am also on prograf 5 mg and cellcept 250 twice daily. On what dose were you when you had weight gain and moon face?

      I have a friend who takes 5 mg and has been on it for 9 years now and she has no side effects at all. :) So this is great news!!

      Thank you for your response, wish you well.

  • I had a number of side effects but I take multiple meds so I cannot attribute them all to Prednisone.  Once I was titrated down I no longer had those side effects.

    I already had insomnia lol and did not get moon face or weight gain after Tx.  Prior to Tx I gained a ton.  I am 2 years post and I have had to rebuy most of my wardrobe as I am wearing a size I wore 20+ years ago.  I also eliminated sugar from my diet (added sugar) as I became medically induced diabetic - that was gone in 3 months of diet change.  I also exercise as much as my body allows and focus on nutrition that our specific bodies need, which has helped greatly.

    Like KB said - you will have side effects.  Take them as they come and ask here and your team for advice to manage them if needed.  

    • Wow thank you so much for your response. The good thing about having a kidney transplant is no more dialysis...

      and I'll take that over anything any day!!! you guys are so right :) that is what truly matters. We have life now.

  • In all you will face in the future, you must remember why you are doing this, to stay alive, period. At 5 mg./day. you may experience some of the side effects, but this is a maintenance dose and will likely not go lower. Stressing over what you need to survive will hurt you in the long run. To my knowledge, there is no alternative for prednisone and even with steroid-free protocols, when an issue arises, the treatment will be Prednisone based. You may be surprised by how little effects you feel.

    • Thank you for always answering my questions. I feel like I am being so annoying asking so much lol. The thing is I am so young and going through all of this. I know that now I am living so I can't complain about anything. I am happy now. :) no more dialysis. I waited 11 years for this.

      Well , one of my friends turned 9 years with her kidney and has been on 5 mg daily all these years and no side effects so far. It is a blessing. I look forward to many more years with both my kidney and liver. Thank all of you who responded. I really appreciate you all.

      • This is how we all learn, by asking questions. Never apologize for asking!


    • Hi, KB: you are absolutely right.  I really like your comments over the years.  You helped me a lot.

      There is an another site called “”. It’s a private site. There is a  ‘transplant’ discussion’ group too. I hope you can join that site and help others. Because this site will be closed unfortunately. 

      Take care. 

      IHD -
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