Prednisolone 20 mg long term

Hi everyone.

Anyone taking more than 10 mg of prednisolone long term? How are you coping with side effects and why are you taking long term? I have been put on 20 mg since 4 months for rejection.



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  • I take 5my daily with no side effects. The point of this medication as I understand it (confirm with a doctor) is to turn off a similar dosage that your body would generate naturally. Then... your body will not be positioned to mount a large inflammatory response itself. Pretty neat idea :)

  • At 4 months you should be ready to taper off ( 10 mg one week mg next week 2.5mg following then off)


  • It is somewhat common for a rejection episode to occur in the first few months.  It is my hope that any evidence of rejection eases and your dose drifts down accordingly. For some, the most prominent side effect is with blood sugar control, especially if you are taking Prograf (Tacrolimus) as well. With my first Tx, I was adminitered Solumedrol (IV Prednisone  in excess of 100mg.) It IS the standard treatment to quell rejection and usually reduces within two months. I know the side effects are bothersome, however this is just temporary and but a small percentage of your life. Please be patient while your team works to correct the issue. You will feel better when the dose reduces. I do hope you return to better health soon.

    • Thanks for this clarification. I hope I can stop prednisolone.


      • I wish I could,  but the side effects lessen greatly with time and reduced dosages. I now take only 2.5 mg/day. I believe this is in your future, once the rejection episode is over. It is key to live with the lowest dose of all our meds while taking enough to ward off another episode. It does get easier. Good Luck!

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