• When i was in the hospital i took it at 10 AM. Luckily it was taken off while i was still there.

  • I am seven months out and I take 12.5mg at 10 am.

  • Hi Frank, meds for my lungs....trying to remember all of them....Predisone ( went from 80mg down to 20mg), Spiriva,  Combivent, Revatio, NAC 600.

    Others were Welchol, ramipril, plavix, lasix,guaifenesin, CO 10, omeprazole, B100 and D3.  I was turned down at 2 transplant hospitals due to my heart.....6 stents and 1 heart attack in 2000

  • I'm taking 10 mg every morn at 8 am along with Prograf and Rapamune. I had bilateral lung xplant 11mos ago but have been on Predisone for over 2 years now with my highest constant dose at 40mg for 6 mos. Hated it but I had to breath and along with the other drugs I stayed alive long enough for a donor. I have been told that 10mg for the rest of my life but thats good because Doc said "rest of your life" at least I have one. 

      Sorry to hear of people with reactions to their meds, I have been VERY fortunate. Only reacted to 2 meds, one was a pulmonary hypertension drug and the other was Lipitor (statins) which I feel was a major contributor to my disease...80mg for 6yrs and now they are finding evidence ....sorry I get on a rant about lipitor....

       Oh ..My dog "Breaux" is given his predisone at the same time as mine and I believe it has saved his life.

  • Dave, I take 2mg. of Prograf twice a day.  I have had the hives off and on for about 6 wks. now and can not figure out what is causing them.  I switched to a clothes-washing soap with no dyes or fragrances and quit using dryer sheets. I do have a dog in my house, but it is only allowed in our porch, which is shut off from the rest of the house.  I have decided to go back to using Ivory soap instead of Dial to see if that helps.  I suppose it could be a food allergy of some kind.  I am only bothered now in the evenings and through the night.  I am guessing that using covers when sleeping is trapping heat, which causes me to break out even more.  Is it possible that my donor had allergies that have now been passed to me through the donated liver?  Or is it the weakened immune system that sets me up for more allergic reactions?  I am perplexed, as I have never been allergic to anything in my life until now.  The day I first noticed the hives is after I had mowed grass and had pulled some weeds and carried branches over to a large pile.  I am 16 months out from my transplant.

    • If you don't think the hives are from changes to any of your medicines, it may be environmental.  If the hives pop up on your lower arms and/or lower legs, you might need to wear a long-sleeved shirt & pants & gloves when you work outdoors.   Or wash off whatever was in the air and stayed on your skin before you get in bed.  I hear that allergies can start up at any age.

      • Thanks, Carla.  I have really been doing detective work, trying to figure out what it is.  There have only been 2 nights out of 6 weeks that I have not been bothered.  I have been eating a lot of fresh fruit lately.  The mixture of fruit I ate 2 nights ago had strawberries in it.  I know
         strawberries can be a culprit for hives.  It just seems so strange that after a life-time of eating them, that they would now kick up a fuss in my body. However, that is the way the "allergy life" works sometimes.

        • One of my transplant friends has a similar reaction to red fruits, she says anything red she stays away from.  I know it sounds strange but strawberries are red.

  • Dave, if allopurinol doesn't give you problems, you might take it to prevent gout which I do. I've been taking it for about 13 yrs now. Good luck.
  • I've been on my prednisone taper since April 17 - almost 3 months.  I've gone from 5mg to 2.5 as of now.  My creatinine is a lovely 1.2 - so, so far so good.  Getting bloodwork every 2 weeks

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