• I am 18 days post liver transplant and had a major anxiety attack last night!! I am still in the hospital because of second surgery to repair internal bleed. I felt like I couldn't breathe, I could not get comfortable in any position I would lay or sit, and very agitated. I have never experienced anything like it.
  • I feel good, I walked 2miles on the treadmill (45min) 10mins on the Stairmaster and 5mins on the Eliptical..just got home and had pan seared Shrimp, lean chicken breast and grilled red and green peppers...I will have a bowl of Raisin Bran before I go to sleep:)
    • Hi Yvonne, good work, keep it up. I got a call yesterday from the Cleveland Clinic that i have been approved for a left lung trans plant. Now to save up to have it done.
  • Hi Yvonne, I have been on Prednizone for four years now at 5 mg a day. The only side effect i get is when my doseage is increased up to 70mg a day all at once. I get nasty with my close friends, and dont want to be around any one at all.The increse is for when i catch a cold or the flu.I Have COPD AND EMPHASEMA. I found out also that you need to be let down off of it 5mg at a time each week until you are back to your regular daily doseage.
    • Hello Hub, Thanks for responding Im currently down to 5mgs a day It's only been a week so Im looking forward to positive changes:)
      • Hi Yvonne, Your welcome, 5mgs aday is to keep your lungs in check. Just do what the Doc says and you will be fine.
        • Thanks Hub..I plan on following strict orders...
  • mmm? Yes, the group replies are on target. Did they mention? The steroids keep us hungry? I could put away a box of my kid's cereal at night, in the dark..milk obtional. Red Flag warnings? Eat ice chips, you're not hungry! By that time, we have the classic " pancake face " which made me even more distressed, depressed..That is one potent miracle medication, it doesn't matter how much we ingest, side effects happen, by just taking it, period. Now, or years from now.." side effects, culprits of combination of the rejection and steroids happen! Me!! First Hand, post
    liver transplant going on 20 glorious years. The predisone and cyclo cause and effect, my joint, bones had died, "AVN" necrosis, infarctions is DEAD. Not to mention the severe on set, pain, acute pain..bilateral hip replacements, left 2x, left knee too. MRI shows my shoulder pain is not necrosis, it's a torn rotar cuff, spur, a given! That pain, without weight bearing use, is doable, as if? I was " running " jogging " skipping my way down the corriadors of the nearest community college with dream come true air about me..Then the pain hindered my steps, walking became painful! I really thought to myself " slow down, pace myself, I'm doing to much " avoid the stairs, for awhile?? If only? After my transplant, I needed new hips, knee..
    By then, life without ? I couldn't settle. I wasn't to young, too risky..My clouting factor, maybe..but after not giving up, I was strapped in the usual contraption for hip surgery..not once, but 3 times. That was the begining of dislocations, I need not go one...but yes, there's more, lots more..side effects, life happens. I'm a witness to mine, that itself is worth the pain, most the time..
    • Yes Catherine I agree "Predinsone SUCKS>>>>" I recieved a Kidney Transplant 8mths ago so it looks like I should stop my complaining and deal with it. I imagine thru Prayer and more time to Heal I will come to terms with all this wonderful medication and its side effects...
    • I'm a post liver 19/20 years this march. I've always been on different mgs for ever. I even had my share of days being infused with large dosages,IV drip regiment. I went into Oncology to have this IV done. I sat next to women, dying of cancer, no hair, feeling awful. I tried to admit I was not getting chemo? But found it easier; accepting their world, if only for a week. Learning Experience! I still take the 5mg daily, and " old school " cyclosporine. " Why change horses in main stream ? " Damage is done or too little to late? LOL My Liver Specialist defines his area " apples and oranges " He doesn't fix bones, Ortho doesn't do livers?? That was quite a few tough years ago, lack of resources, " connect the dots " tools were not considered ? AVN were but a few isolated cases, like me. I found out the hard way! My own advocate, quality of life!
      Apples and Oranges?? Dentist, Liver Specialist?? Correlation? It was going to take compassion on my behalf. With lots of resources at my disposable, I made a cause, purpose to consider it a case. If I hadn't felt well enough by then?? I would have no teeth, dentures!! with no reason to smile ? Apples and Oranges? NOT! Same with my bones, relentless desire to make it happen! Aggravated, not angry, negative energy is too taxing. Positive energy, outlook is contagious. We matter!
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