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Pregnancy with kidney transplant

Hello everyone.

I am wondering if anyone has gone through pregnancy with a transplant? I had my 2nd transplant for 7 years now. I wasn't planning on having children after many failed attempts but now I'm 8 weeks. It would be nice to hear someone else's experience. If you have or know anybody please share :) How's the experience? (Delivery, meds, any problems, etc) 

Thank you,


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  • I'm so glad you ladies have started this post. First, congratulations to you all. I've had my transplant which will be 3 years in July. My husband and i really want to conceive. I mentioned it to my kidney doctor and as usual they try to hit you with possible complications to stop your decision.. Which is expected. But i have a few questions regarding getting pregnant. Is it hard to conceive and how long did you wait to receive a bfp. My husband and i have been trying. Im on cycle day 116 and no periods. I have 3 days until my 2 week wait because i also ovulated. Did anyone have to wait a long time to receive a bfp?

  • Thanks for sharing your story Debs, and congrats! I am planning to have kids soon and I haven't found a lot of information about transplant patients and pregnancy. I had a liver transplant over 20 years ago (when I was 9 years old). I was surprised when I asked my transplant doctors about it and they said there was really nothing that I would have to change - keep taking tacrolimus and they would want to monitor my numbers more closely, plus they would refer me to a high-risk specialist just in case. 

    • Yep that sounds about right lol same goes for me as well. Closer monitor and to see a peri


      Wish you the best and thank you!! 

  • I had my first child in 1981 when I was towards the end of my 1st transplant from my mother. I did not take rejection drugs as I was rejecting very slowly and I did not want to take any chances with the baby. The main difficulty is the interaction of drugs with the growing fetus and I find that very scarey knowing the baby is also absorbing these drugs. I had my second child in 1991 and also did not take any immunosuppressants and am ever so grateful I was able to do that. I had a six antigen perfect match and was doing really well, no rejection at all. I developed no gestional diabetes and suffered no problems at all. I was still classified as a high risk pregnancy but everything was completely normal. I can't really imagine taking tacrolimus in pregnancy. It can't be safe at all. But I do understand wanting a child once you get a new lease on life. I would take the risk as well, but am fortunate and probably unusual in being able to slip by without drugs. I am so happy that you all have been able to have a child and I bless you on your journey as transplant patients/parents!

    • Really?? You didn't take medicines? Wow how was that possible?? My doctors would probably have a heart attack.. lol that's very interesting

  • Hi
    First of all congratulations on your pregnancy
    I was transplanted in oct 2012 and got pregnant in may 2014.It was a planned one after i discussed with my consultant ,and he switched my myfortic with azathioprine. I was only on tacrolimus and azathioprine all through my pregnancy with some prenatal vitamins and 5 mg folic acid. pregnancy was closely monitored throughout and had an elective c section in week 36. I had no high BP or swelling in my legs. But I got gestational diabetes in later stage of pregnancy and was managed with diet control .my creatinine was pretty stable at 99. After delivery my new base creatinine is between 106 and 110.At one point of time in my pregnancy I was spilling large amount of protein in urine but got resolved on its own.All in all I had a very good pregnancy with not major complications.My 3 year old will be starting preschool this September.
    All the very best with your pregnancy.

    • Wow that's amazing. Praise the Lord! Thank you for sharing your experience. Yes I was so nervous about preeclampsia and kidney rejection. My creatinine is greater than 125 which has been that way for a couple of years now. We weren't planning anymore because of high risk. I'm on tacrolimus and prednisone only. None of the other meds worked for me as it produced many side effects. Did you exercise throughout?? Or control your diet before gestational diabetes?? Did you need to have a c section or the doctors recommended it? Did your medication doses change throughout like tacrolimus?? Thank you so much! 

      • Hello

        Hope you are doing well

        Yes I was doing yoga and walking throughout my pregnancy.I stopped going to gym after I got pregnant but continued yoga ,and walking.i was watching my diet and was eating healthy before I got GD.Afrer GD was diagnosed I started portion control and ate less  carbs and more walking.My tac level went down a bit and they increased my tacrolimus dosage .my ceserian was a planned one.I wanted to wait till 38 weeks as I was doing very well,but my doctors didn't want to take any risk and we went for a planned c section on week 36th




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