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    I do as well, my Tx team is fine with it.  With all the meds it seems to help from getting some of the pain I would get, I assume from Tac.

  • i do it, and i have had a pancreas and kidny over 16 yrs ago so i am totally fine and i need it for my stomach issues since antibiotics will detroy the good bacteria in your gut tyoo.

  • I take probiaotics Daily! I have since I had my transplant of course talk to your doctor first. I have read in people with really low immune systems  they can cause in infection. TALK TO YOUR DOC BEFORE TAKING ANYTHING

  • I take them daily and switch brands every few months. I read that this is very helpful.

    • I too had encountered severe diarrhea at the 2nd day i take erceflora ( my nephro told me i may or may not take it depends on the severity of diarrhea) its a probiotics suspension taken orally in a vial w/ active ingredient bacilli clausii. The night after taking it i had an extreme headache so i took paracetamol and it goes away..i dont know why i had that terrible headache bp that time was 130/80.. the next day fecalysis result says i do not have any bad bacteria or parasite in my GI so i guess its the effect of my meds myfortic.. i had my creatinine cheked after taking that probiotic its  0.9  now i am being paranoid about the things i’ve read about taking probiotics that is not safe for transplant like anyone here who had a kidney rejection after taking probiotics???

  • I am a multivisceral transplant, and shortly after my transplant, I think my transplant team did not want me to take probiotics. However, I asked a few years ago, and the transplant team did not mind that I took them then. I guess they wanted to see how I did the first couple of years before allowing it. I have been taking Culturelle without any problems. However, it may be best to ask what your transplant team prefers in your situation. I send hugs on the wings of hope. 

    Warm regards,


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