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I had to go in last Monday for a procedure to remove the gastric stimulator (except the leads) and to get infection out of my incision from the previous surgery to close a fistula and place the gastric stimulator. The doctors were concerned that I showed a potential for a greater problem of infection than had been expected,  and I was kept for several days (until late yesterday) in the hospital to make sure that the cultures of my incision did not show any infection. Fortunately, they turned out to be okay. I also got really dehydrated and my kidney function worsened, but as I got rehydrated it improved by much.

I now have two wounds that will require a great deal of time to heal. One is horizontal: The part of the incision over where the stimulator was is kept together with stitches that need to be taken out in two weeks. This will also be the time I see the doctor for the first follow-up. The other is a vertical incision, and it looks like flesh has been scooped out along its entire presence. Has anyone else had a wound  similar to this after infection has been removed from an incision?  I have not had something like it before. I have to pack it with gauze wet with a saline solution. If you have had experience, about how long did it take to heal? I appreciate any comments.  

I was also able to get my regular g-tube replaced with a g-j tube while in the hospital. I hope that it will allow me to eventually get in more nutrition which I especially need while trying to heal and to gain weight as well. The doctor who placed it said he had some difficulty, but it seems to be helping some. Nutrition might be more difficult through the stomach since I no longer have the gastric stimulator helping to control symptoms.

I was also wondering what others do to help themselves heal after any kind of procedure since being immunosuppressed, this task can be more difficult than it would be for one who is not.

I am just so glad to be home finally, and I thank you for all the support and prayers without which I could not go far. May all have a blessed weekend. Many hugs.

Warm regards,


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  • Hello Bobbiejo

    Your strength continues to amaze me. All I can say is when I do not feel well, I pay attention to everything that I put into my mouth, I make sure I am in bed by 10 PM, drink enough water, pray and meditate and anything that I find relaxing.  I would talk to your doctors to see if you can reduce your medication for a week until you heal. Are you in touch with your transplant team? That is what I do so I am passing along some ideas. I am going to place your picture on the right side of the forum to remind others to pray for you. Much Love always! Your friend -Rise'

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