• Dennis,

       If you have health insurance, the makers of Prograf offer a $0.00 co-pay card that will cover the cost of the co-pay.  I've used this since my transplant in 2015.  You just have to make sure your doctor writes it for the brand name and states that no substitutions are allowed.  That way they can't fill with a generic.  Here's the link to get those discounts.  They are also available for MyFortic which I also take.  I'll paste both links.  Hope this helps.

    Liver Transplant 2015

    Prograf card -

    MyFortic Card -

    CoPay Program
  • I have been taking Myfortic and Rapamune both generic for almost three years now with great numbers.  BCBS charges $15 for each 90 day supply.

  • I’ve been taking Prograf 1 mg (4 mg AM/4 mg PM) ever since my kidney transplant in 2011. I have been stable for all 7 years with no rejection. Two weeks ago, I found that my insurance company (Cigna) will no longer be covering brand-name (Astellas) prograf in full; I will have to pay $1400/month or switch to generic. I have read several disturbing journal articles that have found the generics to be inconsistent and possibly more likely to cause rejection. I don’t know what I’m going to do right now, but my question is whether other insurance companies have done the same thing. Wondering if this is a trend. 

    I will be looking into appealing the cost and using the Astellas assistance plan, but that’s not the point. Also, I realize it could be much worse; I could be stuck paying the full $3000+ monthly cost. But it’s infuriating to be told to use a drug that could hurt my transplant or else pay the equivalent of college tuition every year. 

    If anyone has insurance that is still covering brand name prograf, I’d like to know that too. I’ll definitely be looking around come open enrollment time. 




  • My insurance over two years ago decided to switch me from the name brand to a generic.

    ( My tp was in April 2009)

    The generic gave me problems, mainly gastro intestinal upset. I hated it. After trying a second generic and getting the same problems, I saw my hepatologist who said I needed the name brand Prograf, they okayed to pay but only for a year !

    Since I had a live liver transplant with my daughter as my donor, I decided to wean myself off tacro altogether rather than face an insurance company deciding what medicine I should take ! My hepatologist attends liver conferences world wide, I think he knows more than some shill for the insurance company.

     Happily, I've now been off all meds for almost 2 years. This isn't an option for everyone, I know.

  • My wife of 49 yrs received a liver transplant about 6 yrs ago at Indiana U. Med center. (  we live in Tempe AZ.) She requires 5 mg per day of tacrolimus to avoid rejection. Over the last few years she has been enrolled in Blue cross/ blue shield medicare advantage. Tacrolimus was a tier 1 generic drug  - very cheap.  This year, on the advice of our insurance rep, she switched to Humana medicare advantage in AZ.  Prior to enrolling (about 2 weeks prior too deadline) we checked to insure that Humana listed it as a tier one drug as well.  They did.

    In January of 2018 she went to Costco to fill her 5mg per day prescription and found that Humana had reclassified tacrolimus as a tier 4 drug that now cost 100 bucks a  month instead of 10 bucks!

    My wife contacted Humana, complained about the generic drug reclassification at the last minute, She filed an appeal of the classification, alleging "bait and switch" and "fraud in the inducement"  (I,m an attorney) They promptly caved and reduced the tacrolimus to a tier one drug, BUT ONLY FOR HER.

    Hop this helps anyone similarly situated.

    Lance in AZ.


    • I'm glad they saw the light!! Humana barely covers anything and consistently changes classes and prices.  I guess this company is a great insurer if you don't need insurance.  At 5 yrs out, I would think her Tx team would have lowered her dose by now, it might be time for a frank chat.

      • I think doseges should be left to the doctors. Every transplant is different. JMHO after 18+ years of taking Prograf. The VA supplies my medications since I am a 100% Disable Veteran. They bid on drugs so I have had generic Prograf and regular Prograf. There doesn't seem to be a difference to me. 

  • I have not experienced any issues with the generic form of Prograf (tacrolimus.)  If you want the "Brand Name" consider using the available resources from the manufacturer, Astellas.  Beware of other coupon programs that may not work when you need it or at all.  Mail order from your Part D insurer will be a better, cost-efficient provider as well.

    Astellas program

    Astellas patient assistance

    PPArx pogram

    $0 CoPay Card for Medications
    If your doctor has prescribed either ASTAGRAF XL (tacrolimus extended-release capsules) or PROGRAF (tacrolimus), you might be eligible for a $0 Copay…
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