Prograf Dosage timing and storage

Hey All. Two questions and looking for other peoples experiences.

1. It’s been a hot summer. Sometimes with a breeze thru the house we are comfortable even if the house is at 82 degrees or so. Just wondering since I read that Tacrolimus shouldn’t be stored above 77 degrees is this a problem?
2. My dosage times are 9AM - 9PM. Sometimes I take it at 9:15, 9:30 etc. Do you need to be exactly on the mark everyday or is 15-30 min once in awhile a problem?
Hope everyone is staying cool these past 3 weeks.

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  • Allow me to put my "two cents" in here. In theory, the intent of Prograf/Tacrolimus use is to maintain as steady as possible blood levels at all times. The truth is, shortly after ingestion, blood levels skyrocket to an FK reading of 20 or more, drifting down throughout its cycle (12 hours,) when you would take it again, starting a new cycle. To answer your question, 15 or 30 minutes late or early does not affect your levels significantly enough to worry about. There are rules about the use of this drug;

    • Try to maintain a good routine - We are creatures of habit and changing dose times leads to missed doses. Use whatever schedule fits your lifestyle, but be militant and stick to it.
    • Be aware of the 12-hour cycle/rule - that is, Try to have blood work draws at about 12 hours from your last dose. You want as accurate a reading as possible because your dose is results-based.
    • Do not ingest Grapefruit, Pomergrammite, Starfruit, and others, as these can change the rate at which this med is metabolized
    • Store your supply in a cool, dry place, preferably out of direct sunlight. Astellas, the patent holder, has formulated a timed-release version timed-released Tacrolimus.
    • Missed dose - The general rule is if it is up to 4 hours late -  take your dose, after 4 hours, resume with your normal scheduled dose.

    Good Luck!

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  • Inpatient hospital protcols allow a window of time for the meds to be dispensed and still meet their quality standards and safety protocols.  For example if time is 9am, the window may be 8:30 to 9:30.  An hour is likely the narrowest window. I hope that helps put timing into perspective.

    Can't help with the storage temperature.

    • Great thanks! That did jar my memory when you mentioned the hospital. I do remember now the nurse giving me meds in the AM post surgery and it was 9:30. She did mention that so long as its within the hour it's fine.

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