Prograf to Belatacept


Due to uncontrolled prograf level for over a year now, my doctor decided to switch me from Prograf to  Belatacept. 

I wanted to check how are you feeling after switching from Prograf to Belatacept  ? 

I see many posts regarding Belatacept here and I am comfortable now that it is a much better medicine (atleast better than prograf ) . 

Thank you all. 

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  • Hello Amit, 

    I switched from Tacrolimus to Belatacept about 5 years ago... smooth sailing and no side effects. My baseline creatinine has also decreased. Like you, i was having problem with Tac dosing as I am an athlete and my metabolism changes frequently. I was also having Tac side effects including neuphrotoxicity. No problems with Bela.

    We are all different, with different suitabilities for different regiments. Rely on your doctor's advice. I provide my experience as encouragement rather than medical advice. 

    • Thanks David. My creatinine is also decreases little bit. Lets see how it goes in long term.  Probably I will be able to join crossfit again after full transition.  

  • Hi, 

    How is belatacept working out for you so far?

    • Hello Jenny, 

      I am in transition period in which I am having infusion once in 2 week. I had my 2nd infusion done yesterday and reduced  prograf dosage.  So far I did not notice any change but will update you after few months. 


      • Thanks so much for replying. Hope all goes well. Belatacept sounds so promising. I have uncontrolled prograf levels as well and am experiencing many side effects. I want to try Belatacept but my transplant center is against it. 

        • yes I have been facing problem while maintianing prograf level since 1 year.  What is the reason they dont want to switch to belatacept  ... Cost ? or EBV Virus ? 

          I am sure your transplant center have better plan for you.  

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