• I take tacrolimus too. Never been told it can damage my kidney!

    • Most of our meds have "kidney damage" listed as a possible side effect, when taking it over time, one reason why periodic blood work is required, to record recipient's blood level, among other readings. You want to be on the lowest possible efficacious dose, while protecting the Tx. 

  •  Why does taking tacrolimus hurts kidney. I was taking it since 3 years everything is good and my creatine level always in  stable .My doc didn't even said about this I want to  know what happens if we take tacrolimus.I will ask my doc when I visit  hospital. I always drink more water and keep hydrated everytime. Please guyz let me know wht happens if we take tacrolimus

  • Hello,

    Tacrolimus does scar the kidney I was told over time . I'm just about 4 years post Kidney May .
    For a year now I've been off Tacrolimus Now doing an infusion every 4 weeks of Belatacept ( Nulojix) takes less than 90 mins . The first 6 months you have labs done at the same time.  Less side effects and much better drug .. 

    • Hello Suzanne, Why was the change made?

      • Hello Juan , 

        I was having issues with the cellcept (depression)

        2/12 years of it . They told me it was the prograf over and over .. But turned out it wasn't prograf It was cellcept, by then I was over taken both meds!
        I wanted something new better and not make me a f'n crazy depressed person!! 
        I still take a low dose of prograf.5 MG with the belatacept .  Sooo much better 💯 % 

        im a human again lol 

        take care

        • Hi Suzanne,

          I am glad to hear you are feeling better with the change. I was never given Cellcept, it has always been Prograf from day one almost twelve years ago. Last year I started to have elevated blood sugars and I was told that with time Prograf would do that, I am not sure about this yet but interestently enough so did my sister who also has a transplant. My Nephrologist retired this past January and I am not 100% convinced with the new guy's expertise. I would probably have to go back to the Transplant Center for follow up's which is 3-4 hours away if I drive. Not sure what am I going to do just yet.

          Stay safe.

    • Hi

      I didn't know about this - Are you in the US?

      • Yes I am . Cedars-Sinai is the best place !

        They are really amazing ❤️




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