• Thanks everyone

  • Agree with KB - the first  action is to follow a core Kidney diet, which I generally follow.  

    I had a Liver Tx (and was on Heart Tx for a while) but it all damages Kidneys. CKD3.  I know every Nephrologist I have spoken with hates Tacro, but keeps me alive.

    I eat a bit more protein than I should as my body hurts so much, I supplement it and plant based.  Potassium is a killer to watch for so between Potassium and Sodium I created a list of foods implemented a new daily diet, not just a trial but generally eat from that list.  I also barely eat sugar and stay hydrated.

    I only supplement Magnesium and D as is pretty normal for many.

    Good luck.

  • Keeping hydrated is your best course of action. As well as keeping salt and animal protein to a minimum. Many kidneys (native or transplanted) deal well enough with prograf. In my case, I ended up having to have my drug regime changed because it affected my kidney a great deal. I was the other end of the spectrum.

    I wouldn't add supplements because they may put more strain on your kidney.

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