Protein and foamy urine

I'm 6 months post-transplant, and I've not tested negative for urine protein since June 11. The amount in my urine has been 30 mg/dl every time it's been checked since then, and I have a lot of foamy urine. I am very worried, although my transplant team and nephrologist do not seem concerned. I did take a 40 mg Lasix a day only when I was short of breath, but I had to take it at least 20 or more days in June and July, and I'm convinced I damaged my new kidney. I stopped Lasix around July 20th. I'm sure my old kidneys are not working at all now so I doubt they are putting out any protein. I'm about to have a breakdown worrying about it 24/7, to the point I'm about to give up.

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  • It is one thing to be informed about your Tx and health, it is quite another to become obsessed about it. I was the same, calling my center about every little ache and pain, during my first year. It comes with the territory, trying to micro-manage all of your numbers to extend its life.

    To be honest, what would you do if an issue finally does show up? I suspect you'd call your center and follow their advice and let them remedy the issue. I also suggest you do the same with the worry, let them handle it, going about enjoying this second chance at life. I was the same and here I am some two decades later, still waiting for the end, though having more fun and still amazed now. Don't give up living, just the stress.

    • Thanks!

      • At some point, you must rely on some faith, be it faith in a higher being, or in your Tx team to deal with issues and advise you on what to do, or faith in yourself to use good routines to stay healthy and live a full life. Life with a Tx is a series of ups and downs (just like any other life,) surpassing them provides you with emotional armor to overcome the next. You have us to help you with that. I hope you enjoy many, many years in good health.

  • I agree with Cora. I have had same situation for many many years.  I’m still here with my tx kidney for almost 18 years. 

    Before, I worried for every small stuff. Now I just focus on what I can do to keep the kidney healthy. 

    Take care. 

  • You can't read too much into urine protein, especially after transplant. I've had protein continuously throughout my transplant life (coming up on my 17th anniversary).  At this point, it could be protein from your old kidneys. And some of the transplant drugs cause proteinuria as well.

    In general it's a good guideline to not worry too much if your team isn't worried. And lasix is not going to damage your transplanted kidney. Yes, it makes it work a bit harder. But that's nowhere near the same thing as causing 'damage'. Now ibuprofen can damage it, so you should avoid that.

    I've been on it for years and I'm still doing fine. Try to calm down Jeffrey. If you keep this up, the stress you are creating is going to damage something. I know it's scary. Get some help if you need it. Do you know what "fear" stands for? False Expectations Appearing Real. I learned that here on Transplant Friends.

    You are not even a year out and you are simply not going to achieve any sort of stability within that first year. Give your body time to settle in to the post surgical life and find the new balance with all the additional drugs. It's going to take some time.

    Hang in there

    • Hi again, If you don't mind can you tell me why you have been on Lasix for so long?

    • Thank you for your reply.  The fact that over the past couple of weeks I have had a lot of foamy urine really concerns me. My nephrologist is suppose to call me about it. 

      • Have a good chat with your neph. Don't forget to ask what you can do on your own to help keep your kidjey healthy.


        • You said that you have always had protein in your urine, have you ever had foamy urine?  Thanks! 

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