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On 17 the August 2018. I have completed my 1 Year post kidney transplant. All report was almost good but creatinine and 24 hrs urine both are showing abnormal value. Creatinine is 1.54 and there is leakage of protein in 24 hrs sample urine which was nil in routine urine checkup. Just worried and wanted to know that is it possible to bring both values down to normal? If yes then how and what precautions I have to take? Please suggest I am too much worried regarding protein leakage.

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  • Since my transplant, my lowest creatinine measurement EVER was 1.29.  I was originally fluctuating betwee  1.3 to 1.5something.  I have been getting higher readings since then = 1.65, 1.71, 1.85.  They usually say they think I am not drinking enough water and am dehydrated.  They usually never agree with me on this possiblity, but I cannot help but feel like exercise is what makes my levels increase sometimes.  I started exercising again and that is when it started to go up.  they say it is not drinking enough water when i exercise but i don't know ... i still think the muscle breakdown has a little to do with it.  Also how muhc muscle mass do you have on your body?  but - they say not likely.  But they did say that everyone is different after tranplant with their creatinine levels.  some old people's levels are very low so they fall in normal range, but i have never gotten so low that I am not still considered to have kidney disease.  

  • how much protein per day in urine?

    upto 200mg is normal

  • you need to find the real cause for protein leakage -- may be from old kidneys?  if not biopsy may be needed 

  • Here are some questions:
    1) Do you eat red meat?

    2) Were you dehidrated before the test?

    3) Was it repeated?

    4) Do you still have your natives?


  • The best bet is to get a clear understanding on what’s going on with your team of doctors caring for you. Usually, when things like this happen to me labs get repeated within a week and things go back to normal. Lab value changes can be multifactorial and often diet and lack of water intake are the culprits. Also, if your still have your natives they can affect the lab results.

  • I am worrying too. My last checkup on 7/30 came out not so good. Creatinine went up to 1.35 from usually aroud 1.20, and protein was 2+ in urine. I don't know what 2+ mean but it looks not good. I'm seeing my tx team on 9/6 then I'll know what is wrong.

  • These are questions that should be addressed to your Tx team. I would only be guessing at a cause, without further information. I do know the "native" kidneys can leak protein as they atrophy and shrink. A creatinine reading of 1.54 is okay if it remains steady.

    A good rule to follow is that if your Tx team is not worried, neither should you. Please discuss this result with your team, as they know you best. In the absence of real facts, we all invent our own hell of the imagination, Get their opinion, knowing is better than guessing!

    • Thank you all for your suggestion. It got overruled by spot protein creatinine test and another urine protein test both are normal but still creatinine measures at 1.66.

      • What are you eating and or drinking? (Diet is crucial)

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