• Hi Mishfequr, I went through rejection a couple months after my transplant, due to transplant physician error. That was not a fun party. They had a difficult time saving my liver...very difficult time. 
    I will say that after five years, now and then I can barely catch my breath thinking about a rejection. But then I look at statistics and the steps I take to keep it from happening and decide that I want to live an unencumbered life. Let's face it, transplant changes everyone's life as it is. I decided I cannot live under a cloud I cannot move, therefore I choose to forget about it. Maybe give yourself an amount of time to be concerned or frightened, then tell yourself that the time is up and you need to move on.

    • I wish you are doing better now. I think you need to be very careful about immunosuppression. Are you taking high dise if tacrolimus and steroid? I am around 4.5 tac and 20 mg prednisolone.


    • I hope you are doing well. What error did he do?


  • Thank you so much and the same to you 

  • Chronic rejection came on slowly over a period of 5 years.  21 years is a good run for a kidney.   I am very lucky.

    • I wish you long life. Stay healthy


  • I'm guessing you haven't had a transplant? Fear of rejection is something I live with every single day.  It doesn't go away. I had my first kidney for 21 years and current one for 6 years with a smooth transition between the two - but I still always worry about rejection.

    • I did my liver transplant 0n 2017. May I ask why your first kidney fail? Did it just give up suddenly?

  • The truth is that many transplant patients feel that way without any rejection at all. You have to find a way to deal with it. For me it was both a pill as well as a counsellor. Transplant is an emotional endeavor and even the fear of rejection (you need to work on that too)can cause depression. I see that a lot. I've got a grip on my own mental stability, but it's been a lot of work.

    • Thanks cora. It's difficult but trying. Wish you all the best

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