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Puffy eyes

I woke up yesterday and today with swollen eyes. i had labs done one week ago and my creatnine was 1.2. I do feel facial pain and pressure but of course my mind goes to "something is wrong with the kidney". I had labs done about 3 hours ago so no word yet. Anyone ever go through something similar? 

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  • Hi Megan,

    Lot of factors associated with puffy eyes, but as you said anything abnormal we all think is kidney getting affected?

    Over sleep, salt or water consumed extra , mild retention of water , even temperature affects, if it's too cold u might have puffy eyes.

    Relax, you lab reports are fine, let us k ow one I get ur fresh awaited report .

    • Thank you for your reply. I never heard from the MDs so I am assuming they were ok. 

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