Puffy Eyes after kidney transplant

Its almost 6 weeks since tx.I got puffy eyes.spoke to tx team and they said its normal,side effect of immunesupressions.

i am on tacrosan and cellcept. i am much confused and to be honest its stressing while looking into mirror.

just wondering am i the only one with puffy eyes after transplant !

i would love to hear from tx friends



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  • It is quite possible that you may get puffy eyes after kidney transplant. But, you can get rid of puffy eyes with the help of some ayurvedic treatments. You can make use of these ayurvedic treatments to get rid of puffy eyelids after your kidney is transplanted.  

    11 Working Ayurvedic Treatments For Puffy Eyelids You Should Not Miss To Apply
    Puffy eyes looks really bad on face and so who suffer from this issue want to get rid of it as soon as possible. So, here, you will get some effectiv…
  • I have had puffy eyes for so many years I cannot remember when it started.

    Puffy eyes can get worse if you have too much sodium.

    Maybe apply ice with a cover-

    look up how to reduce puffy eyes on google

    Massage the area gently- look up how to do this.  

    Eye exercises might help too.

    Try not to worry-

  • Yes, it is no absolutely true that sometimes your eyelids become puffy after kidney transplant. And, you are not the only one who faces this issue; several other people also face this same situation. Well, if your kidney transplant has done just now then it is not good to take any other medicine, so, I think it is better if you try some home remedies to get rid of eye puffiness.

    • You can apply slices of potatoes and cucumber on your eyes for about half an hour for some regular days.
    • Also, you can apply egg white on your eyelids and keep if for half an hour and then wash your eyes with water once it becomes dry.

    So, try these and get rid of puffy eyelids at your home only.

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    • Thank you for the best wishes.I am having great time after the transplant.
      As far as medicine is concern,I am taking tacrosan 1mg 2 tablets in total and cellcept 500mg 2 tablets 4 in total.
      Creatinine level is 1.2 and HB is 14.Tac level is 6.8.

      I will definitely discuss these issues with Tx team.I hope they will have a solution otherwise have to live with it as far as kidney is doing well.

      Thanks again for quick reply.

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