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Hello friends,

I have had a kidney transplantation about 2 months back. I am on Tracolimus 2 mg BD, Mycofenolate Acid 360 mg TDS and Prednisone 20 mg OD.

On and off I have puffyness on my face and the site of transplant is bulging out as if I am 3 months pregnant.

Any one who has gone through the these symptoms?

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  • Sorry, see my comment below. I thought I was replying to you 

  • Hey! 2 mths you are still adjusting..

    soon your steroids will be decreased to a very low dose which should help with the puffy face - it just takes time

    i am 10 post KT and still have a swollen belly.. hoping this will go away too.. will keep you posted

    the only thing no one told me is that there is a good chance you will lose more then 50% of your hair around month 5 to 7.. that was a bit of a shocker!

    so hang tight.. I think the first year is a wash

    • Thanks Michelle!

      I too am losing my hair at a fast pace. Hope things settle down in an year or so.


      • Hi, I just hit my 1 yr Anniversary for my liver and tomorrow is my kidney. So my belly is all kinds of lumpy lol. But I’m slowly getting over the self consciousness and being proud to just be alive. As far as the steroids, I too gained about 20 lbs since they put me on it as a 2nd anti rejection. Fat cheeks too. Hair loss, I lost about 80% of it, roughly between months 4-7. Finally I broke down and talked to my Kidney TX surgeon and she told me to take biotin forte with zinc. And it’s helped tremendously. My hair is growing back at a super fast rate. Kind of gotten used to it being short. But with that being said. Hair loss was not a concern as a hat would solve that problem. I still have issues with my tacro and white count levels. So hang tight. You’ll be back to your normal self before you know it. 

        • Thanks! I will discuss with my Nephro about Biotin Forte with Zinc.


  • Hi. I am 1 1/2 yr post kidney tx. At first it really stuck out and bothered me. I am very small framed so it looked huge!! It has now found its happy place and settled in. Lol. The bulge decreases over time. I can still see it but I can wear regular clothing without it showing.

    God Bless! C 

  • I don't have the puffy face because my center is a steroid-free center, but I definitely have the bulge. I have polycystic kidney disease  so my belly already stuck out a bit (even though I'm a normal to slim build) but this is very noticeable when I'm wearing a swimsuit. I can hide it well with clothing because I tend to wear the looser tops that are in style now and you can't really tell when I wear them with leggings or stretchy shorts or those fit & flare style dresses. It bothered me a lot at first, but I guess since I feel a bit better  it doesn't bother me as much anymore. I had my transplant 27 April 2018 so I am just about right where you are. Best to you! 

    • Thanks keikeikelly for sharing your experience!

  • The puffy face is a common problem with pred.  They'll take you off of it soon, or at least greatly reduce it, and you'll be your skinny faced self in no time.  

    Don't know about the bulging at the kidney.  Did they leave both yours in?  They do that some times.  If so, the bulge is you new kidney!  Ask your TX team.

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