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Question about immune suppression

Hi:  I’ve been a member/lurker since my kidney transplant 2 and 1/2 years ago.  Progress has been good, and all my check ins with my neph and the Mayo, where I got it, have been fine.  I am almost 70. I am pretty active, riding with my cycling group 50-100 Miles a week.  Some are pretty hard rides.  Also hike, garden, yoga and occasional weights.  For a while now I’ve had occasional—maybe every couple of months—I get an illness of some sort.  It starts with stuffiness and a slight fever/chills, fatigue, and sometimes dizziness.  This time it’s lasted two days.  I take tacrolimus, cellcept, prednisone, and fluconozole, because I live in Arizona where there is valley fever.  Neither my neph nor the Mayo has much of an answer for me.  I’m not even sure what sort of specialist to see—an immunologist?  Has anyone else experienced this sort of reaction?

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  • I had similar issues for about one month while my white blood celll counts are too low because we are taking high dose of immunosuppressants. 

    Please check your white blood cell counts. My nephrologist cut down cellcepts. Then everything went normal again. 

    Good luck.

    • Thanks, Joan.  Yes, I also had this happen during the year following the transplant and actually was hospitalized.  Recent labs showed that, as usual, WBC on the low normal side for most of the several types, which is normal and ok with the neph.  I’m training for a charity bike ride, and I’ve learned that this can also cause WBC to fall(athletes can get sick from lowered immune system due to hard training) and wonder if this is what has happened. It’s hard to get answers, since I’m part of a small group of transplant recipients who also do endurance sports.  I’m hoping to get some lab work and see what the neph says.  The kidney is fine, it’s the dang immunosuppressants!

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