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What can elevate creatinine levels? And what to do to avoid it? How to stay well hydrated now that it is so hot outside? I live in Miami. 

And dehydration happens a lot 

I am on 50 mg of prednisone, is it normal to feel swollen? My abdomen is swollen and sometimes my legs also get swollen.

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  • Hydration is most often the culprit with creatinine rises, however, Tx teams also look at medications and their balance for clues, as well. Both Prednisone and Tacrolimus can affect fluid retention and blood sugar levels, which may lead to increased urine output. Tacrolimus can directly elevate creatinine when blood levels are too high (FK > 8.) Finding a good balance will be key to living a happy life with a Tx.

    All this is for your Tx team to correct, your "job" is to maintain hydration, avoid sodium, and eat strictly a "renal" diet. Allow the team to stress over the details, as even stress can elevate CR levels. So, "Eat, drink, and be merry!" is advice I can live with. I hope you receive the answers you need to stay well.

    Renal diet

    Diet After Kidney Transplant Information | Cleveland Clinic
    Find information about diet after kidney transplant from Cleveland Clinic, including how your diet will change, nutritional plans to follow, and more.
  • Hope you are well.

    Hydration is the first place I would look at how to help creatinine.  I also follow a kidney diet to battle the challenge of immuno on our kidneys.  Low sodium and more liquid.

    Prednisone will for sure bloat you.  You should be titrating down I would guess, which will help right away.  It lessened as I was titrated down then got off completely - but I was massively bloated pre Tx from the prednisone.

    2 liters of liquid is about my goal.  H20 is what I drink most.  Flavored water and sportsdrinks can be Ok, but Potassium is a big electrolyte that many of us do not need.  I would not suggest Gatorade but you team can counsel on what they recommend.

    • Hi Jeff, I hope all is well. Thank you so much for responding to my questions. I am slowly tapering off the prednisone so, that should go away soon. I drink more than two liters per day, but I also go out for a walk every afternoon. It is very humid outside I end up dehydrated pretty fast. About the sodium, I am cutting it off too. I think I will be better soon. Thank you so much your advice. I will gladly follow. 

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