I am really really need your help to save LIFE.

My Creatinine is keep on rising. I gone for checkup Yesterday (Monday - Sep 26, 2016) and got the following results

Creatinine : 2.5

Blood Urea : 55 ( Normal - Upto 50)

Potassium - Normal

Blood Glucose : Normal

HB : 12.4 (Normal > 13 and  < 17)

eGFR : 30

Other Complete Urine results are NORMAL.,

Creatinine and Protien Ratio in Urine :

Protien in Urine : 60 (Normal < 12)

Creatinine in Urine : 20 (Normal > 40)

Ratio : 2:2:1

Albumin : ++

My Daily Habits :

Wake up at 5:30 and have 1 liter of water immediately after wake up. Then going for a walk around 5 KMs in 45 mins.

And having medicine at 7 : 00 AM IST and 7:00 PM PST (Myfortic 360 MG, Pangraf 1.25 mg, Dilzem 30 mg)

Mostly Having RICE at Breakfast and Lunch then Tiffen at Dinner. (Will having RICE often reason for my high protienurea and Creatinine ???)

And having Chapathi often in the nights.

And NOT eating MEAT from almost one year.

And Will have apple or orange a day.

And Drinking averagely 3 litres of water per day (Is it too much or less ???)

And having 2 glass of Milk per day

Kindly advice me anything WRONG in my Daily habits which is the reason for High Creatinine and High Protien in Urine . . .

I checked with my TX Team and tried to find the solution for this issue but not much help from them as they are telling this will increase further.

Its really helpful and my live saving if you give some advice. I will never forget that help if you provide some help on my issue.

Thanks and Regrads ,


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  • Hi
    Drink water 4 to 5 ltr daily and your cretinine fall down
    • Did not work for me. I tried this years ago, it actually went up a little because I was making the kidneys work TOO hard. May work for others.

      • You are right. The amount of water we can drink a day is dependent on our body weight, and the kidney function. If we drink too much, it can put too much work on the kidney. It will not be good to the kidney.

    Ask to be switched to Belatacept! It will replace Prograf, is approved for kidney transplant, and almost everyone's Creatinine goes down. Once they switch you over, it will be a once a month, 35 minute infusion. No more pills. I'm looking in to switching to it, even though I had a lung transplant 8 years ago. The Prograf has my Creatinine also at 2.5. Not sure why all kidney patients are not switched to it?

  • Also I agree with Kidneyboy.  Best of luck.  Keep us informed!

  • Hi Desh,

    My creatinine level went up when they increased my prograf. Not happy about that.  It also went up because I was doing a lot of gardening and a lot of sweating.  I was drinking the three liters a day but it wasn't keeping up with my losing water through my sweating. This seems like a silly question to ask but are you doing a lot of sweating after your 45 minutes?  Also, what does your doc say? Mine said to drink more water but add a bit of gatorade with electrolytes. Just enough to flavor the water. 

  • Hi Friends,

    Please share your suggestions on my post.

    It must be really helpful.

    Regards, Desh

  • Hello Desh,

    Allow me to offer my best advice.....try to stay calm and remember to breathe every so often. Some patients just have periods of high Blood Urea.  The lower GFR is an issue you're Tx team will investigate (you are NOT going to perform your own biopsy.)  I do not see anything extraordinary in your diet or routines.  It may be a medication or blood flow issue.

    Stress magnifies any problem, remaining calm, will see you through any "bumps" in the road ahead.  I would ask what your team is planning for a follow-up.    You trusted the Tx team to transplant a kidney in you, trust they will pursue the answers to this problem.

    I see nothing extraordinary in your routines or diet.

    • Thanks KidneyBoy for your helpful comments. Will stay calm as you said. Will see what it gonna happen.

  • I would say you to discuss with your Nephrologist ASAP.  Your urea range is high and eGFR is low.  At this moment ultrasound or biopsy could be the better option to diagnose early about the sudden increase. your doctor is the best person to treat/change medicines to you on this issue.  So , dont panic. Be ready for all tests if required and visit your clinic regular basis.


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