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I am curious if anyone has had any experience in taking Rifampin post transplant. I saw my surgeon this past Wednesday. I have been having trouble with an incision not healing properly after a surgery. The surgeon was thinking about putting me on it for two weeks to see if that might help me to heal better in case an infection was the cause for the long delay. I was told I would then have to have blood work once a week for those two weeks because this antibiotic can potentially lower the white blood cell count. However, the surgeon talked to another doctor about my case and decided it would not be a good idea. I have been on the antibiotic Levofloxacin for a little more than two weeks already and have been told to continue it. The next thing I am trying to do now is focus on improving my nutrition which depends mainly on g-tube feedings and a little oral, and I will be seeing a nutritionist on the 26th. This event though did have me wondering if anyone else though did end up on rifampin after transplant. I appreciate any response.

I would also be grateful to anyone who might share if they had problems with healing after a surgery post transplant and if they found anything that seemed to help. I had the most recent surgery to remove a gastric stimulator after I did not heal completely from the surgery to have it placed. It seems that there is one part of the incision that pulls away from the other side and does not want to completely close. There are stitches in the incision which can not be removed until the incision stops leaking on the gauze I put on it and change about every 12 hours. I need to get the site to heal completely before I can have the gastric stimulator put in again, and the gastric stimulator is what has helped me improve in tolerating more nutrition and gain some weight (I did have a temporary one which did not involve surgery to place which is how I know that it would help me). There is too much demand for temporary stimulators for me to get one while I am trying to heal.

I am sorry I am not on this site more often, but I remain thankful to all those who have helped me in the past and all those who help others. Best of wishes to all.

Warm regards,


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  • Hi again Bobbiejo I just respond to your other post, glad I understand now. Sounds like you have quite the trial, I'm sorry your struggling like this. I have a couple inch portion of my large incision that lost the glue earlier and it's kind of still split on the top layer not closed. I have not worried about it yet I'm just cleaning it and keeping wound strips on it hoping it closes up soon but it's taking longer. I wish I were more help.
    • I hope that you will soon find your incision healing better. I will keep you in my prayers as I understand how it can be when something does not seem to be healing as well as it should. Again thank you for reaching out to me. This act helps me because it is encouraging to know that other people care. Many hugs.

      Warm regards,

  • Sorry Bobbiejo, I can't answer your question but just wanted you to know I'm hoping that you heal good and fast.

    Take Care

    Prayers and Wishes


    • Dear Duane,

      Thank you for your kind wishes and prayers. It is very much appreciated. I hope that you are well. Many hugs.

      Warm regards,

  • Hi there Bobbiejo

    I wrote to a lady on Facebook who I thought could help and this is what she wrote

    Hi, sorry no one has got back to you until now. I had pseudo-obstruction (visceral myopathy) pre transplant, so I still belong to a number of groups related to this disease. A gastric simulator is not something I am aware any of our members have. I have copied the link to G-PACT as I know a number of the members on there have gastric simulators so if she posted her question I'm sure she would get some answers. Personally as a transplant patient I would always constant with medical professionals though if she has any major concerns. I hope this helps and your friend is able to resolve her troubles. concerns.
    • Dear Rise,

      Thank for your efforts. Unfortunately, I am not on Facebook. I think I may try another post to ask about healing in general once a person has a transplant and requires any type of surgery. I hope you are well. Many hugs and thanks.

      Warm regards,


    • I hope this help you :)

      Sending you a BIG HUG!

  • Hi Bobbiejo

    I will see who I can find that might have gone through something similar to you.

    Thank you for writing in. Much love to you my Warrior Friend!


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