Rise in creatine level

Hi everyone 

It's been a 3years of kidney transplant. Everything is going fine still yesterday but today I went to do blood work and my creatine levels are slightly increased to 1.2 but one month back my creatine levels are at 1.08 I don't know  why my creatine level is increased one point within a one month.Im little scared about my creatine levels. 


I Apology if you don't understand. I'm not good at English.

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  • It IS mid-summer for you and fluid intake should be increased to accommodate the season, especially in the week before a blood draw. Tx teams look at more than one result, watching for any steadily increasing trend in blood levels, as a clue of an issue starting.

    With increased fluid intake, likely your level will drift downward, in subsequent tests. Avoid Sodium/salt before your next test as well. Your move upward is not a huge one, well within the range where even slight dehydration is a factor. Try not to stress yourself too much. Good luck!

    • Thank you kidney boy for your comment .I will follow your suggestions.

  • Hello Nuthan, I am not expert but I have noticed and doctor confirmed that creatinine level may go up if you dont drink much water ... there can be multiple reasons but try drinking lots of water 1-2 day before blood work.  

    • Thank you Srivastava for your comment.

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