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Rising blood urea and LFT

hi. First i thank Al Mighty Allah to give me back my life and secondly to my donor. I had my liver transplant a month ago. I had a case of rejection but it settled down until recently when my prednisolone dosage was reduced to 12.5 from 15 mg. my ast went up from 33 to 60 and alt from 111 to 138. Also in ultrasound i found out loss of corticomedullary differentiation of kidneys. I had parenchymal kidney disease due to liver disease before. my kidney blood tests are ok except urea rising to 97 now. my question isa) is rise is lft due to decrease in prednisolone dosageb) do i need to be concerned about my kidneys?thanks

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  • SIR,
    You have it backwards. The donor saved your life and gave it back to you. Allah does not have livers on hand. That donor of yours deserves recognition 1st.

    • Actually ALLAH did save my life while donor gave me a part of his liver. There are numerous complication of liver donation for recipient as well as donor non-of which is predictable or saved by either donor or doctors. So yes my life was returned by Allah and only Allah.

  • I do remember that my ultrasound reports right before my kidney transplant said the exact same thing (loss of corticomedullary differentiation of kidneys). I am no doctor but I do think you should check with yours. What is your creatinine level?

    • thanks for reply. my creatinime and all other kidney tests r normal except urea which is elevated. My hepatologist said nothing to worry about...its just ultrasound finding...when you had this findings what were your kidney blood tests?
      • I think you should consult a nephrologist too because it does look like something is not right with your kidneys. 

  • and thanks for registering me..great to be here :)

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