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HiI'm new to this site so not really sure what to do but I'm due to have my first kidney transplant on 23rd November. My mum is kindly giving me one of hers.I have so many questions going around on my head and it's stopping me from sleeping, eating and even thinking straightI'm scared of staying in hospital and being away from my children ( every time someone has stayed in in my family they come out with another major problem) how long will I have to stay? How long will I be connected to machines? Do I have to have a line in my neck for fluid or can't I just drink loads? Is there any way I can help speed up my stay in hospital and recovery?I know these problems probably sound stupid but I'm so worried about them it's stopping me looking forward to the future.Thanks to anyone who might be able to help me x

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  • Hello, being scared is so normal, but you must be feeling so blessed you have such a wonderful mother. Recovery time varies so much on, first how strong your body is going into it.  My daughter had a heart transplant and she hit every obstacle that could come up.  But in time she got stronger.  I published my journal I wrote in while we were living in the hospital.  I t is before during and after the transplant.  Things we did.   It may help you.  You can go to to read our story 

    Love Lynne

    • Keeping a diary/journal is a great idea.  Because this process goes by so fast, it would be helpful to "look back" at events, emotions, and feeling as you reach milestones (1 week, 1 month, 3 months, 1 year....)  I am always amused by my emotions/thoughts especially now that I'm counting in decades.

  • Are you in the U.S.?  I suppose everyone's different and every transplant center is different!  I received a kidney on June 11, 2017 - a Sunday evening.  I went home the following Wednesday.  I felt so great, and no pain with the surgery! The only machine I had was the one that dispensed all the IV meds and fluids.  I had a line in my neck IN CASE I needed hemodialysis, but I didn't.  You won't need it if your kidney kicks into action right away.

    My brother received a kidney in October 2016.  He was in the hospital for 5 days and he did have pain, but oxycodone took care of it.  Plus if in the U.S., you'll be on high doses of prednisone (which made me feel like Super Woman and took away all arthritis pain!). 

    Your mom will be in much more pain.  Be SURE to get pain medication for her to take home with her!  Even your mom's pain will be much better after 3-4 days.  But have her take the meds every 4 hours in order to keep on top of it.  Nephrectomy pain r-e-a-l-l-y hurts!

    You are about to be reborn.  What a wonderful Thanksgiving!  Blessings and best wishes to you both!

  • Hl Marilyn,

    First, bless your mom for donating!  Such a selfless act should always be applauded and revered.  You are about to start a second life, free from machines.  You will be able to drink whenever you want, eat almost everything too.  I hope and pray the operation goes well and you enjoy many, many years in good health,

    I was so nervous with my first Tx (ya... I did it twice....13 years apart) I almost gave up my chance being so scared and because mine was from a deceased donor, I didn't get much time to think about it.  I'm not sure what's better, having time to form questions or quickly feeling overwhelmed for the first few days.  We all had to go through this and now you have a second family to support and share experiences with.  No matter what happens, just remember to breathe every now and then!

    There will be a lot to learn and you friends here can help whenever you need us.  Concentrate on the things you want to do in this new life and those you love, if you get nervous.  Good luck!

  • One nurse from the transplant center of her hospital told me they have about 300 transplant procedures in one year. That’s a big number.

    In these days we have high tech and good medications. And things are getting better everyday.

    Wish you the best.
  • Lots of questions!  You're a lucky lady to be getting a kidney.  Bless your Mum!

    I had a liver, not kidney.  But, presuming your new kidney does well (and it will) you won't be hooked up for long to any machines, even just a day.  

    You'll likley have an IV for fluid.  Likely ih your arm.  

    To speed things up:  Just do what they tell you to do.  It's not race.  But not a marathon either!  

    Your worries are not stupid.  This is real world major league drama girl!  Now me, heck I didn't even give it a second thought.  Just another day off work!!!!  Seriously, you have enough worries for today without borrowing from tommorrow.  Say you prayers and live another day tomorrow.

  • Hi
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