Hi all, 

im 7.5 yrs post kidney transplant. Three days ago diagnosed with Shingles( herpes zoster) of ear. It all started with earache and then after a week two rashes, one on lower right side of my nose and the other on right cheek popped up.I'm on antiviral medicines, fusidic cream and pregabalin tablet and my pain has subsided a bit, but rashes have not stopped popping up on my cheek and in the area above upper lips.Today morning I noticed another rash just below by eyelid now I'm worried . Despite taking antiviral med infection is spreading to other parts. 

anyone who has gone through similar problem kindly help. 

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  • As part of the Tx team regiment, all Tx patients are encouraged to receive the shingles vaccine Shingrix from Galaxo Smith Klien. I would investigate this with your team, after this outbreak is over.

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