So far I have made it a point to tell most of my family about what is going on with me medically. However, I feel that I am ready to post a general post on Facebook to promote my blog and to just be done telling people in general. The thing that I am worried about is if people will feel offended if they were not told in person. For example, My mom's side of the family only really get together once a year in the summer. I don't want to just show up at their house, even though they wouldn't care, to tell them. So should I make it a point to tell them or just let them read the post on Facebook and contact me in they want?

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  • I would send in a facebook personal message to them that you wanted to share with them that you got a transplant. That your doing well etc
    Then after you told everyone post it. Or a phone call be nice idea and ask them to share with other family members
    Bottom line this is a gift of life and a joyful occasion so whatever you decide will be good

  • Social media is out of control.  Perhaps the time has come to rethink the need to know everyone else's business?

  • If they are offended, that's there issue.  You have a time sensitive issue and clearly have other things to worry about.  Heck, you are tired!

    I would caution if 'letting the cat out of the bag' would jeopardize anything with your employer and presumably your health coverage.  We were very afraid of anything getting out ahead of time BEFORE telling HR via FMLA papers.  After that AND they got rid of you - major slam dunk lawsuit in your favor.

    Good luck and worry about you and your donor.  Period.


  • Who you tell is your business. I got Hep-C while in the military during the Vietnam War. I was a Navy/Marine Hospital Corpsman. So there is no shame involved.

    That being said I have had where companies and especially Facebook and Twitter that scan for information. I know of 5 different companies that mine data on everyone. I have thought about closing my Facebook account but not over my transplant.

    Wishing all good health, :-)   

  • Something also to keep in mind.  It's not a shame to have a life-saving transplant.  Not everyone that has a transplant contributed to their state of health by drinking or other abuse.  Many liver diseases are auto-immune and there's nothing you could have done to stop it in the first place.  I'm very proud not in a boastful way, but with great humility thankful for the life-saving transplant I received.  I even wrote a Shutterfly book and had it printed to tell my story from diagnosis to transplant to finally meeting my donor family.  It's something that will always daily be with you with such thankfulness and realizing what could have been had your transplant not come through when it did.  So many do not get the gift of life and die, so living is a wonderful thing to celebrate and share with family and friends.  I personally wouldn't understand why an employer would be so alarmed.  If you are a valuable hard-working employee, what employer wouldn't want to stand behind you and help in any way they could.  Just another perspective to consider.


    • I got pcp pneumonia - was off work for about 2 months and then another month working back to full time ---worked there about 15 years  -- was on 80% pay via insurance..Providing documents with HR and they said if they were not a part government employee they would have fired me and best not to disclose transplant to anyone except direct supervisors. So with very competitive work environment and someone in an interview said they had a transplant i suspect the CV would go in the bin especially in big organisations as its all profit driven

  • I would also sugest doing what Mark said.

  • id already told  my family, and i told some of my frends becuase they didnt know why i was not  in school. And i guess i should have told them that i wanted to keep it personal becuase when i was in the hospital i was getting cards from everyone in all my classes. 

  • Meagan,
       One suggestion I will make.  Why don't you send out an email to the entire family, just the family members in one email not friends to inform them of all you have been through and where things stand today.  Tell them how well you are doing and that you wanted to let them all know that you are going to be ok.  Then wait a few days to a week and post on Facebook if you wish.  That's how I would handle it.  Hope this helps.


  • I would only share your private information with those who you feel most comfortable with.  It seems the younger generations share everything on social media.  Many people are very proud that they received a transplant and want to spread organ donor awareness just by sharing their story.

    Whenever you feel most comfortable is what I would do.

    If you decide you want to remain anonymous you can always change your name on your blog.

    You do what you think is best not what others would you like you to do.

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