Signs of Rejection?

Hello All,

I am like most here have done my share of research online but have not found much about organ rejection other than that one "feels" nothing and can only know rejection is occuring from lab results.

I am coming up on my 3 year anniversary next month (December 8) and have labs done every month now. My labs beginning of this month suddenly had a very high ALT of 255 (normal high is 40) when I have always had moderate middle normal range readings for my enzymes. I had another lab two days ago and the ALT was down to 65.

I would like any feedback someone might have if they have ever lost an organ due to rejection. When and how did you know it was rejecting, which labs were off, how long till failure, etc. Thank You.

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  • Thanks all for weighing in. I'm confident that ALT lab was just some temprary reaction to something as I have been visiting the dentist of late, though my coordinator said the novocaine, being a local, should not have affected that so much.Time will tell.

    I think that study linked by KidneyBoy will help further my understanding.

    • We all learn from shared experiences. May you continue to enjoy life in good health!

  • I have never lost a liver but my numbers went higher than yours.  I called my doctor they asked if had a cold or on antibiotics.  It was both I had a cold for two weeks and on antibiotics.  They said once you are done wait two weeks and test again everything was back to normal.  That was 3 years ago.  Do keep an eye on the numbers.  I think you will be fine if the numbers stay good.

  • Hello Subaka,

    While high AST and ALT levels can be an indicator of trouble, other factors can cause these readings to be off. Immunosuppressive drugs (Tacrolimus and Cyclosporine) can cause elevated levels, as well. What does your Tx team think is going on? I have added a link to a  BMJ publishing article about late-onset complications below. Though this article is primarily concerned with childhood transplant outcomes, it does provide detailed information (perhaps too much,) about these levels and outcomes. Until results are verified by a biopsy or other technics, do not assume it is rejection. Let us pray the cause is correctable.

    I have lost a kidney transplant due to a resurgence of IGA nephropathy. My blood work and a biopsy confirmed it, however, I never felt anything, except increasing fatigue. I have spoken to a few recipients, who have lost their graft, like myself, none have reported feeling symptoms and were quite shocked when their team informed them of the situation.

    BMJ Article


    Diagnosis and management of late complications after liver transplantation
    Liver transplantation is the only effective treatment for end stage liver disease. In recent years the results of this major procedure have improved…
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