Skin Cancer Still a major issue?

So - just some idle thoughts while sheltering-in-place - I stopped taking Prograf almost 2 years ago, and now take mycophenolate as my only immune system drug - For ears when I took both I have been taught to never expose myself to direct sun without covering or screens. I'm 15 years post this week, and I wonder if I can go out with short-sleeves ever again. - Any Thoughts? thanx - tim 

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  • Hello Tim, my husband Larry is 7 years post lung transplant, he was on prograf 5 years last 2 years on sirolimus 1 mg daily,we are in New Jersey now getting 3nd treatment with pencil proton therapy Larry had regular radiation in Gainesville Florida,that didn't work chemo for a year now he is reradiationing same area head a neck cancer (squamous SKIN cancer) Larry has so many cut an burned using a plastic surgeon .Do you think a short sleeve shirt  is worth the price.Good luck Tim witch ever you choose.Darrilyn& Larry 

  • Thanx  Kidneyboy - Still needing to have a little magicall thinking, I guess

  • It is likely you will have to continue sunlight precautions while on Mycophenolate. Your Tx team is your best source of information, more specific to you, individually.

    Mayo Clinic info

    Mycophenolate Mofetil (Oral Route) Precautions - Mayo Clinic
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