Slightly increase creatinine

My transplant 21/3/2018

My baseline creatinine 1.1

Now after 20 months i started my work,which is not hard but I have to walk here and there for my field work is 7 hour's daily

After starting my work my creatinine is 1.25

Please tell me reason Friends


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  • possbily increase in tacrolimus

  • I would love those numbers but as already said - watch diet and hydration.

  • This is not a very large increase.  I you every increase is concerning -- I'm the same way.  Overall, nothing to be worried about.  I do know the feeling you have because even to this day, 3 years post-transplant, I get sweaty due to nervousness when my labs come back and I have fantastic, stable labs (Thank God!).

    I've noticed when I tend to have these type of fluctuations, it's usually due to not drinking enough water either before or a few days prior to doing my labs. Dehydration will do a number on your labs!  Also, if you had diarrhea or a looser than normal stool, this can also cause the number to go up.  

    When you get a fluctuation like this, just think back to within the last few days to week and the answer why it fluctuated is probably there.

  • I would be sure to discuss this with your transplant doctors, but my nonprofessional concern would be if perhaps you are becoming more dehydrated while you are walking around for work, especially if you are working outside. If you do work outside for a long time, I would just be sure to stay extra vigilant about getting in enough liquids so you can stay as hydrated as possible. I wish you well.

    Warm regards,

  • This is not a huge increase in blood creatinine though the causes can vary. Tx teams use multiple readings to survey for the beginnings of an issue. Any concern would stem from readings that show a steady increase or trend moving upward over time. Creatinine readings are prone to fluctuations from lack of hydration,  medications, diet, exercise and many more factors and are rarely static, unlikely to ever be as low as after the operation, owing to the hospital stay, where everything is controlled.

    A good rule to follow is if your Tx team is not worried, neither should you. I encourage you to ASK, ASK, ASK as many question as you wish of your Tx team to become comfortable with your plan of care, it is how we all learned!


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