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Hi Guys,

Hope all is doing well.... 

I am new here and this is my first post.

I had my kidney tx 3 months back on Jan 13th

Since the last 45 days I have seen my creatinine slowly rising from 1.04 to 1.46 in a matter of 45 days. and today for the first time after tx i saw RBC of 0-1/HPF in my urine test ( Pus cells at 1-2/HPF and Epithelial cells at 2-4/HPF). Before this the urine test would throw following values (RBC - Not found; Pus Cells: 0-1/HPF; Epithelial Cells: Occasional). Rest of the urine test is normal with no protein, sugar, ketone bodies or bacteria. 

Also my Sodium is at 132.6 (135-145 normal), Urea 36.4 (Normal), Potassium 3.56 (Normal).

Only other thing I have noticed is the stool has softened a bit but the bowel frequency is still 1-2 per day. No fever (temperature at 97.7 Fahrenheit) , BP has lowered a bit recently from 135/96 types to 122/87 types. Urine output steady ( no increase or decease).. no pain in urinating.

Could it be some kind of infection that is causing my Creatinine to slowly creep up....??? Any idea anyone ... 

I will be meeting my neph on tuesday but just wanted to know if anybody had such experience before....

Any insight appreciated... Thanks in advance.. Cheers...

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  • Drink lots of clean water stop any soda other drinks until you get to the kidney doc, my transplant came out at 1.9 and 11 yrs later still 1.9 , you have to know what your eating is it good for the kidney keep learning, good luck.
    • thanks Michael for your suggestions... transplant is a journey after all... learning never stops... 

      Bytheway I haven't had soda or any bootled drink after transplant... wasn't a big fan of it anyway... water is the only drink i prefer and I drink around 4 to 4.5 litres a day... 

      Great to hear about your stable creatinine all these years... my prayers are with you that it continue this way for a lifetime... Cheers...

  • Its been 5yrs since my transplant but i am having the same symptoms.Creatinine level is fluctuating between 1.34-1.38,rest all d tests are normal.Have turned to vegetarian diet since 3 weeks but still no change.Will c wat my doc advises today.
    • For me this was the story till mid of last month... My medicine was changed from cyclosporine to tacrolimus and was subsequently reduced... With every reduction there is a decrease in creatinine... I had it tested yesterday and it is currently at 1.23...

      1.34-1.38 is a very much acceptable range for creatinine variation... I dont think you need to worry much... However you should get an opinion from your neph for your peace of mind... He will be the best person to guide you... By the way vegetarian diet had almost zero influence in my case... I just reduced my chicken intake a bit and instead started having more of fish/paneer to maintain my daily protein intake...

      Hope the meeting with your neph gives you peace of mind... Cheers...
      • Thanks for d info salil.Good2 hear bou ua healthAs for me doc gave a 3 day course of antibiotic wit IV.Hopefully d results vl b btr by end f d week and i can go bak home.
        • take care Sange... get well soon... my prayers and best wishes are with you... 

      • I think your diet is very important to keep a healthy kidney mine has been 1.9 to 3.2 when I was sick then back to 1.9 it will very at times
  • rise in creatinine should indicate that you need an adjustment in medication.

    Biobsy which is recommended  at 4 months post surgery, will indicate if you have an acute rejection.

    This has been my experience, I have had my transplant this past December.

    • Hi Maz,

      I forgot to update on this... After the change from cyclosporine to tacro and subsequently reducing the dosage to 4.5mg /day, creatinine started reducing... After peaking at 1.46, it reduced to 1.32 a week later and is currently at 1.29... Checked my T zero level and it was 9.88 so my neph reduced my tacro to 4mg/day and steroid to 7.5mg /day (from 10 mg/day)... I hope the decreasing trend continues... 

      Bytheway How are your creatinine numbers doing???

  • Hi,


    Am from Malaysia (Hot and High humid country) had my operations on Oct 6th at Turkey (Cold Weather) . My creatinine level  when I was at turkey around 0.8 to 1.03 (blood test every 1 week) and with low BP (90/80 or 110/85)  and I was on strict diet. Ones am back to my country Malaysia on November  (were temp can reach 32 to 36 c) I do notice my Creatinine level increase to 1.10 sometime 1.20 .  Yes hydrations is important but also we need to control the food intake too. I try being Vegetarian for few weeks and I notice my Creatinine level reduce to 1.08 from 1.18 pass 3 week also sufficient sleep and less stress will help you on  reduce the creatinine level .  


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