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Somach Burn marks

On 1st July we met with a group of American people and we had a grill together. I helped to prepare and grilled the meat. I was standing about a hour before the grill to prepare all the meat. I was wearing a polo shirt and an apron during this time. Afterwards I saw a blister on my stomach. When we arrived home I showed my wife and she was schocked to see it. The burn marks was all around my liver transplant scar. I could not feel the burning from of the grill. We later went to the emergency at the hospital and they said a recieved 2nd degree burn markes. I explained to them what I was doing but they could not believe me. I was discharged after I put a dressing on and said that I should go the next day to my home doctor. 3 days later I had a fever and there was an infection. I went to the hopital again and they kept me there. After various discussions they determined that the nerve connections on my stomach did not heal and that could be the reason why I did not feel the burning.

I was discharged yesterday. The burn marks are healing. Next time I will be much mare carefull and supervise the grilling procedure. 

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  • Just an update....

    My burn marks healed completely. It took just over two months. All the damaged skin are now renewed.

    • How wonderful! I am happy for you. I wish you the best. 

      Warm regards,


  • A valuable lesson for us all and hopefully not too painful for you. As an ex-chef, I learned that burns lead to infection quite easily. Thank you for posting.

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