Stem Cell Therapy

As we all Stem cell therapy treatment is getting reputed in recent years for joints, skin, fertility and even CKD.. But for transplant patients like us when we face rejection episode and when doctors advised to go for renal replacement therapy, during that situation can we opt for stem cell therapy... 

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  • New and promising therapies abound and the future looks very bright. Temper that knowledge with the fact that artificial kidneys have been promised since I began my journey in 2000. I am amazed at how far medical science has advanced, in two decades, but it seems sometimes that the "finish line" keeps getting moved further back. These newer therapies are very selective in which candidates are accepted, as well. Still, there is no harm in investigating to see if they are a good fit for you. If you do need a new kidney, I hope and pray your wait is a short one.  Life is so precious, it is worth any effort to achieve it. Stay well

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