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Stinging sensation

 I had a kidney transplant a little over a year ago. I have been having this stinging pain at the bottom of the scar where my kidney is. I'm worried it's from holding my urine. I have to drink alot more water then most and find myself holding my urine! Anyone have this sensation? 

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  • Have you mentioned this to your Tx team? It's a good idea to keep them "in the loop," about any changes. Big issues start small.

    • Not this specific pain I have gone in the ER more then 10 times for pain in my kidney area and they weren't worried about it so I wasn't to worried about it figured it was nerves but now I've noticed it seems to be only in the evenings and it's not every day but like I said I have been holding in I urinate every half hour which is from my kidney I passed out after transplant because my kidney was going like a faucet lol so I have to still drink alot and I'm busy and find my self struggling to get to the restroom sometimes 

      • I do not believe this is an emergent issue yet. Do speak to your nephrologist at your next appointment. It is not a good practice to "old " your water. This raises the risk of increased bacteria collecting possibly causing UTI infections. If this increases in severity, I would call in the Tx team.

  • It  comes and go and some days I  don't have it at all 

    • You are supposed to relieve yourself more often.  Your urine could back up. If you dont want too piss that often cut back on fluids. As for the stinging maybe you stretching your bladder by holding urine.  Feel better soon.

      • Yeah I have to drink lots of fluids after my transplant I got dehydrated and passed out I had to be on iv fluids for a week to try and keep up I'm worried it's the connection between my kidney and bladder from to much pressure but my blood work looks fine urine test good too 

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