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Stockpile or DIY meds

I'm talking to someone and he's saying if the Russians attack or Hillary is elected or some such thing then he's prepared.  He has a stockpile of food, ammo, water, etc in his basement.  I said I don't worry about it.  My meds will run out in two weeks and then my heart stops.  But I got to wondering.  Is there any way to stockpile meds?  I hear about people buying meds in Canada.  Can I go to Canada and buy five pounds of Tacrolimus?  Does anyone have a recipe for making organic myfortic from pine cones?

In short, fellow immunosuppressed, when it all hits the fan, are we toast?     Or should I just 'stockpile' a nice bottle of Scotch and a carton of Marlboros?

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  • what in the world does he think hillary will do put an end to the endless war were in this is to funny 

  • I have about 6 weeks extra of the main meds mostly because something could happen to the national supply, my docs, some weird financial crisis. I didn't do any special ordering, just early refills etc..
    In case of a serious calamity, I'm afraid I have to go with the "toast" prediction. If you want to scare yourself silly, check out Ted Koppel's new book, Lights Out.
  • Well, I've already lived 2+ years more than I was supposed to!  So everyday is just more borrowed time.  My worrying is not going to help or change a thing, but it never hurts to be prepared.  So I tend to hear what you're saying.

    I try to keep 3-months of my meds plus a case of Mt. Dew (my one vice) on hand.  Even if that runs out, there is a 30% chance I am one of those who body accepts the new liver and don't need the meds. 

  • Hi Dean

    If you can buy your medications at a better price and receive a larger quantity that is great.  Your post is quite comical and I certainly do appreciate it.

  • I dunno what people you have been talking to, but they need to get a life. To begin with, if the Russians attack, we're all toast, the whole world. Any other assertions need to be evaluated as they happen.

  • Go for the single malt scotch and a box of Cubans!  We've always been fodder.

    • For example when Katrina hit, many who could not help themselves were at the end of the line!

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