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Today was my first day with my friend to a strength training where we did burpees jumping jax moutain climbers all does of stuffs which i never did in my life it was kind of scary because i am really worried sbt my kidneys like my doctor said start with a threadmill and my mom is like its cliped up dont do anything dat hurts de kidney i am doing alot of research on this but i wanna know from you guys like is it fine to do these high intensity workouts other than threadmill n cycling

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  • Take your time with the kidney.  I had a heart transplant as well as kidney transplant.  The kidney transplant involves a lot of abdominal muscle surgery to transplant it.  Don't agitate the kidney incision. I was in cardiac rehab riding a sit-down type of bike and each time my legs came up, I agitated the incision until it started continuously leaking. I'm just saying take your time with your kidney. Give it time to heal and start slow with the exercise. Jumping jacks...not yet

    • Its goin to be 6 six yrs since my transplant and yeah i do take care of my legs hitin my stomach to hard
  • Start slow. Walk. Keep track of weekly exercise and move expectations slowly. Why jumping jacks? Really your mom is right and doctor
  • I agree with the doctor. Start with tread meal.  I was riding the trek bike in Cardiac and irritated the kidney with the constant pounding of the legs into the kidney...if that makes sense. My kidney was constantly leaking and It just needed time to heal.  So take your time. Watch the bending or other strain that will cause the abdomen to strain. Come on over and say like my

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  • I got my new kidneys 6 years ago i have put on alot
    Of weight after that
    • Exercise will help but diet is extremely important , not dieting but a very healthy diet can regulate and help your transplant and weight
  • I've read all the comments so far. I am an athlete and had a liver tx aug.9 2016 . I have been consulting my doctors on exactly what to do and not to do. It does depend on timing. Best to post when you had a transplant. On these issues, only your doctor should be giving you advice. You want your body to heal properly first priority
  • It really depends on how long you are into your transplant. I started with these only about 1-1.5 years after my transplant, but now can regularly do these without any issues.

  • Hey, as long as the doctors give you the OK you can go do those Crazy things burpees. 

    Myself I prefer a my more laid back approach, you know like couch potato stuff and the gym 3 times a week with some weights and elliptical.  Nothing strenuous just keeping the heart healthy and stuff like that.

  • I run 2 km daily, did some morning workout. Have no complications but its not the same for everyone. The age of patient and strength of immune system all matters  

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