• Frank,

    I took Fish Oil before my heart transplant and have begun taking it again post transplant with the blessing of my coordinators. To be honest, I haven't noticed any difference personally. It may just be a creature of habit type thing...


    • I started taking DHA/EPA pills (sardines, mackerel oil) and I have been sleeping like a baby.

  •  hey Frank , I was on fish oil for bout a year .  for me it did absolutely nothing, I dont have cholesterol issues my cholesteral is 81 ,  but my good numbers were a tad low and my tx cntr thought it would make a difference , but it didnt,  I eat a ton of Salmon and I belive you benefit more from that then you will taking fish oil  ... but thats just my oppinnion  .... 

  • Not sure how safe it is to take fish oil prior to transplant especially if a pattent is on blood thinners. Check with your transplant team.  After heart transplant- good question- Not sure how safe it is.

    I received a double lung transplant and take Cod liver oil as well as Krill oil which is a fish oil. I feel the benefits.

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