Switching from mmf s to azathioprine

Hii friends,I'm switching to azathioprine because mmf s cause recurrent diarrhea since my transplant 5 years back.I don't know the side effects of azathioprine.Does it cause hair loss or not? My hair is already very thin.I want to know more about azathioprine side effects, those who are on azathioprine please share your experience.

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  • Hi there. My daughter has the same problem with mmf. She is 3 years old and 6 months tx kidney. Her diarrhea had stopped but constant cramping in her belly she keeps getting. Doctors switch to azath but it dropped her red blood cells too much and it was to eSrly on to change. Doctors done a certain test to see if azath is suitable for her down the track and it was all good. It's just her belly cramps that won't go away n I believe it's the mmf. I hope the change has helped you out and that your feeling better.
  • Hi friends. I made the switch to azathioprine about a year ago. I also was having terrible stomach issues. I have had no stomach issues since the change and my hair is much thicker from the Azo. The only side effect I have is hair growth all over my body. Peach fuss , it is easy to manage, so the trade off has been worth it. Good luck. But make sure you wear sunscreen!
  • Thnx Cora..I'm also experiencing hair thinning it could be because of prograf or mycophen S.
  • I didn't really lose any hair that I noticed when I switched although I have gotten a bit thinner. In my case I think it's more age related. The one big difference I noticed is that in the summer I need to be more careful in the sun. I change color more easily (my left arm especially from driving the car). So I'm extra careful to apply my sunscreen liberally.

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